Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Whoa Nellie, Don't blow away!!

Wow did we ever have high winds last night. It sound almost like Hurrican Isabel. I thought it was going to do some real damage. Around 2.30 am we lost power, which means no heat. BRRRRR The power finally came back on around 9 am. Even the school were closed out here, but we didn't know that until Tony and Gigi came home. We got her up and ready for school. (I need to get a battery power radio.)I guess some of the school didn't have power either or it was way to windy for school buses to be driving around with precious cargo. Here's the link, 20,000 people were with out power. Power Outage .

Before we went to bed last night, I had to go out and pick up the trash can and put the trash back in it. The wind just knocked it over. Just imagine 2 am I'm out by the curb picking up trash. It was not one of my better moments.

Tomorrow I'm actually going out of the house and meeting a couple a new people. I found a local scrap group, I'm meeting a couple of them in the morning for a couple hour crop. I'm taking Lexi with me because kids are welcomed. How sweet is that? I finally going out of my comfort zone to meet new people. This is something I normally don't do, but I'm going to give Ohio a chance. It might be nice to meet people that aren't related to my hubby. :) I will update you later on how well it went. I'm nervous but that's who I am.

Here's some new LOs. I hope you like them! I scrap all over the weekend. I scrap whatever I want when ever I want. I definately don't follow a timeline. I pretty much let Mr Mojo tell me what to scrap. :O)

This LO is of my BFF, I used the tranparency she sent me. She always sends me such great stuff. I don't know what I would do with out her. :) I miss you girlie!

Here's the RAK I won from the AMR Stacey definately out did her self with it. I can't wait to play with my new little album.

Well I better run! I hope you all have a great night!

Elizabeth :)


  1. yay you for getting out there and meeting new people, it gets easier the more you put yourself out there! the layouts look great, too!!

  2. Have fun meeting new people!!! Love the LO's!!! We got some cold weather, but no power outage thank goodness, they cancelled school here to today. Have a wonderful day!!!