Monday, December 31, 2007

Joscie's 100th Post Rak

Thank you Joscie!!!! This package made my New Years Eve!! It is more than I can ever imagine! You are fabulous! My girls are trying to get into to it all right now! I can't wait to play with all my new toys!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Looking forward to 2008!

It's been a long weekend, or atleast it seems that way with Gigi being out of school. Since the day after Christmas I have been sick too, which makes the days even longer. But each day I'm getting better. YEY!

Saturday, the girls and I finally left the house. We took a little shopping trip. We started at Joann's where I used my gift card. I still have money on it. It always seems harder to pick things out to buy when you are using a gift card. I think its, I want to make sure I get myself something worthy of a gift card. I bought 2 sets of Heidi Grace stamps, ghost shape flowers, and the girls both picked out stickers. Then we went to Target. I got lots of stuff off there dollar spots. They had all kinds of scrapping stuff. The girls and I had a blast going through the stuff.

Also this weeknd there was a Creative Keepsakes After Christmas Crop. It was fun, 60 or so people were all cropping together through a message board. I did 3 challenges in one day. I think everyone who participated had a blast. There was chatting, cleaning, and scrapping all in one place. I actually won a RAK, through one of the challenges. Thanks Sandy!! Earlier this week I won another RAK too. I won Joscie 100th post to her blog Rak. Thanks Joscie! I can't wait; I'm going to be stalking the mailman all week.
These are the layouts I did for the crop. I hope you all enjoy them.
Now I'm going to rest up for tomorrow's New Year's Eve fun. The girls want me to invite their cousins over for a New Years Eve Party. We might have a wild night of popcorn, juice, and a big crystal ball dropping. Wish me Luck!!!
I hope everyone has a GREAT and SAFE New Years!!!!!
Elizabeth :)

Friday, December 28, 2007

After Christmas Clean Up Time!

I hope everyone had a great christmas!! We had a great one here at the Pirone Home. The girls got tons of toys and clothes. Lexi got her Hannah Montana doll and Gigi got the Troy and Gabriella doll from HSM. They were both happy girls. Tony and I don't exchange gifts, we both put all of our effort in, for the girls. Of course since Santa came He took Elfie back to the North Pole. Gigi was so sad that Elfie left us, she still misses him. Elfie went everywhere with us on Christmas Eve. Elfie went shopping, he went to the movies. He's now a huge Nicholas Cage fan, we went to see National Treasure 2. We as a family loved it. Two big thumbs up!!!

We went to his brother's house for Christmas dinner, where the girls got even more stuff from their Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents. I think they just enjoyed playing with all their cousins more than anything. We were there until all the kids were getting tired and slightly cranky. The sunday before Christmas we went to another family party. This party had a whole bunch of people I've never seen before. But it turned out well, the girls had a good time and I survived with out my husband. Luckly my Sister in Laws were there. I kind of hung out with them. One of my Sister in Laws asked me about the Cricut. She saw it on TV and thought that her sister would like it. I'm so glad I was able to help her. Of course I told her not to buy it off the TV because she didn't see the fine print of 3 more payment of 49.99. She knew I would be able to help her since I'm a scrapper. LOL

I have really done anything scrappy lately. I did do a digi scrap because I've been sick and didn't feel like pulling all my stuff out. This is my first digi one. Lexi took the middle picture. I'm so proud of her.
Well that's all for now! Have a fun New Years!!!
Elizabeth :)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

The countdown has begun!

It hard to believe we are down to 3 days before christmas. I really hope everyone is done with all their Christmas shopping. I'm offically done today! My husband has only one thing to pick up. Yey me, I get to with him to Lowes on Christmas Eve. He's such a guy. He wants to get his parents a mail box for Christmas. They are his parents...I didn't know what to get them. Oh well. Just wish us luck shopping on Xmas Eve. We are also going to see National Treasure 2 on Monday too. It's an early present for the girls. They loved the first one. I can't wait to take them. *I really want to see it too*

The girls and I have had lots of Yummy Fun aka Cookie making. We made sugar cookies on Thursday. LOL, By friday night there was one half eaten cookie left. Lexi said that's daddy's cookie. I think it was nice of her to save him the last bite. Within less than 24 hours my husband and girls ate all the sugar cookies. So friday night we made chocolate cookies. We still have some left, by tomorrow afternoon they all will be gone.

I've also been working on some presents too. I mentioned earlier about the family drawing. I made a cute lottery/luck basket. I changed a snowflake basket to a shamrock basket, by using my cricute. Of course Bekah told me how to make the shamrocks. It was 3 hearts put together. I used very cute brads to hold them together in the middle. Bo Bunny made the green brads. I absolutely love them. The basket has a kit to "grow your own luck", small pine tree, and 10 lottery tickets. Let's wish her luck!!!

I've also been making tags after I put the pumpkins to bed. I put the iPod on shuffle and I get to work. I've made some cute tags. I'm no where near Tim Holtz, but I'm having fun with my heat gun. I love embossing with glitter. It makes everything so sparkley, including my dinning room table. Well that's all for now.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Surviving the season!!!

It's 6 days to christmas! I only have a few things left to purchase. I need to wrap everything. There is just a lot left to do. Hopefully I will finish everything in plenty of time.

We were kind of snowed in this weekend plus we had my family come visit. My husband and I were shocked by the fact my family drove to Ohio to see us. They came, they visited, and they left a few days later. It is draining emotionally for me to deal with my mother, so I find things to do to keep me busy. I did the basic household stuff: laundry, cooking, cleaning. I also found time to scrap. I did a couple of cute layouts.

Like I mentioned before it snowed and iced all day Saturday and Sunday. The snow just kept falling from the sky. So we didn't go anywhere. My family had to come here to see us. I don't drive in snow unless I have to. Well to my surprise Gigi didn't have school on monday. She ran into our bedroom so upset because she thought she was late for school. We told her school was close due to the weather. She got soooo upset because it was ornament day. Tony was suppose to go to her class and make a Christmas Tree ornament with her. So we decide to do some crafty fun. We made our own christmas ornament from home made play dough. The girls had a blast cutting out shapes and then painting them. We made about 20 of them. We got to keep like 4 of them. My mother who was visiting took the rest. LOL

Tonight I feel sort of crafty. I think I will play in my scrap stuff. I will make some tags and maybe finish my goals of 2008 layout. Have a great day!!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Whoo hoo!!!

Life is back to normal! I have my husband home. I picked him up friday night, we got home really late and got up fairly early. We had lots of plans for family fun. The girls got to pick out their special ornament for the year, lunch, finally grocery shopping. It's always an adventure when the whole family goes to the store. You never know what will end up in the cart. I'm impressed I made it home with out 10 tubs of ice cream. It's just nice to have everyone home. I can cuddle up next to Tony everynight now. I've actually slept which is fabulous!

Yesterday I got a great care package from my best bud in VA, she sent so many goodies and even found High School Musical chapstick for the girls. She loves us and we love her too!!!

Today I actually drove around Ohio a little, of course I had the help of mapquest. I made it to my husband restaurant. I took him some clothes pin cookies, he's love them and I found a bakery that makes them. He seemed surprised about both, me driving there and the cookies. Well after we left the Olive Garden, Lexi and I drove to find an LSS. Ofcourse it was there but by accident I found a Cord Camera. It was a fabulous store I had fun shopping and looking around. Lexi got Little Mermaid stickers. I bought a BG precision mat, 2 bottles of stickles, and stitch patterns. I can't wait to play tomorrow. I haven't been able to scrap this week. Kids, life and work all take precedent to my favorite hobby. Also today I got the girls their Christmas dresses I can't wait to see them in it. I will definately take tons of pictures. After dinner and a mega round of UNO we watched the New Harry Potter. All I can say is it was a great day!

Friday, December 7, 2007


I'm so excited in about 3 hours I will have my husband home from Orlando. He's in the airport right now wait to board the plane. Since he's been gone it has snowed and snowed and snowed some more. I'm a southern girl...I don't do snow. This week without him was been hard but I feel like a stronger person because I survived.

While Tony was gone I did 11 LayOuts. I'm so proud of myself, I even went out of my comfort zone by using busy patterns. I've scrap random pictures. I did one of snow and one of my scrap stuff on the table. It's been fun. I've used alot of stuff that I already have. I do love my new heat gun. I've embossed alot of stuff since I got it. I hope the Mr. Mojo stays even with Tony being home.

I'm living close to my husband's family. I love them but I haven't met them all yet. But on Dec 23rd, I'm going to the family Christmans Party without Tony (he's working) I drew a name of a person I've never met. I did hear she likes to gamble and the Lottery. So I'm thinking a cute Lottery Gift Basket with Lucky things in it. If you have any Ideas that would be fabulous. Thanks!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

When the cat's away!!!

So it's late and I can't sleep. Tony will be home in about 48 hours!! Yey!! He called tonight to tell me he's going to see the space shuttle launch. He even bought a disposable camera to take pictures so the Girls can see it to. I'm so proud of him. While he's been gone I've done the normal everyday stuff. But once the girls are sleeping or while I give them their TV time I've have been scrapping away. I've done 8 LO since Saturday. That's pretty good for me. I've even purchased a new heating gun for embossing. I think I *heart* it already. It works really well.

I know I bought scrap stuff but I had to get out of the house. I was starting to go stir crazy. Living in a snow globe is not as pretty as it sounds. I don't do snow. So this afternoon after I picked up Gigi we went to Michael. So I really don't count this trip towards my non shopping goal. (LOL) I did get some worthwhile stuff. I got little round brads ( I didn't have any). I also got a stamping pad for embossing to go with the new heat gun. OOOO I also found some cute $1.00 stamps. I *heart* them too. I really LOVE all my scrap stuff.

Once Tony is back life will resume back to normal. He gets home friday, I go to work Saturday night, Sunday night, and Monday night. I will hopefully be busy and makes lots of money. I got lots of things to buy soon. So people come to Applebees this weekend.....Thanks!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


It's been a long time since I've posted here. I can't sleep because my husband is in Florida training at Olive Garden University. I'm here in Ohio where it's snowing and cold. He's living it up in Orlando where it's 80 degree. I've asked him to bring home the sunshine and heat. I really do miss him, he's only been gone 2 days. My heart goes out to all those whose loved one is gone for 6 months at a time.

While he's been gone I've have let my scrap stuff take over the dining room. It's been nice. I did 4 LO on Sunday. The girls filled their scrap book too! It's so much fun especially since I got my Cricut. Since Nov 24, I have not gone scrapbook supply shopping. I challenged myself not to buy anything related to scrapbooking for one month. If I succeed I will buy or order some carts for my new baby bug. It's my own little challenge. Yey Me!

Saturday we decorated the christmas tree. It's pretty and us girls worked hard on it. We blasted christmas music so there was alot of singing as well as dancing. Since the tree was decorated we have a vistor, the magical elf. He's come to help us celebrate christmas this year. The girls were so excited that Santa left them a card and a elf to look after. Tonight the elf will cause a little bit of trouble. HEHEHE I can't wait to see their reactions when I wake them in the morning.

Well I should try to sleep now!

Elizabeth :)

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Well not much as happened lately. We are just getting ready for the snow. It is suppost to start tonight. I hope it doesn't happen but I know it will at some point. But I won't run to the grocery store just because I see snowflakes. I also will drive slower and I will keep me and my girl bundled up.

In last few days I've done about 4 different layout for my scrapbook. I had the mojo and I still have ideas in my head but I haven't been able to sit down and do it. Gigi and Lexi wants to play Go Fish so I play instead of scrapping. The greatest thing about my hobby is knowing that the girls can look out one day and hopefully remember all the fun things we do. Every day when Gigi gets home from school she checks the book to see what I've done. Of course they love to do stuff with me too. Our new toy is the Crop-a-dile, I love it. It's so much better than the hammer method. It's quiet and easy.
*when you see my layouts, please remember I've been seriously scrapping for about 7 months. I'm still learning*

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Yesterday we had the first snow of the year. Thankfully it didn't stick. I'm from VA and I hate the winter. I don't like it, I don't want it. I was hoping that it would completely skip this year. Oh well, what can you do? Me and the girls drank hot chocolate and snuggled to stay warm.
The sun is playing games with us. It pops out and then hides behind the sun. At this moment it's snowing again.
Today once I pick up Gigi from school. I'm going to scrapbook a couple pages. My supplies are calling my name. I really want to scrap halloween and this picture of my daughter trying to see the snow yesterday. Too me this picture really shows her innocences. They are soooo excited about this winter. I will post my layouts sometime soon. Have a great afternoon and stay warm.
Beth :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Intro to me!

Hello all!!
I'm new to this whole blog world. So bare with me as I progress though this. I usually don't have to much to say but since I have the space and extra time I thought why not?

At the end of August my family moved from VA to OH. This move was the best decision we've made in a long while. I truely believe everything happens for a reason. Every though I haven't found a great job yet, it's okay because I get to spend a lot of time with my little ones. Yep you guessed it, I have 2 beautiful girls and a fabulous husband. So I will definately talk about them alot. They are the biggest and best part of my life.

Tony is my husband of 7 years. We met at Applebees when we both worked there. We are one of the few remaining Apple couples. He's is absolutely amazing. I'm completely lucky to have him in my life.

Gillian is my 6 year old daughter. She is fun, creative and a joy to have around. Lexi is my 4 year little wonder. She is creative and very curious about the world. She also has no fear.

Lets see about me. I'm adapting to my new role. In VA I worked 40 hours a week at a local bank. Here in Ohio, I'm only working when Tony is home. So I'm mostly a stay at home mom. Which is completely weird to me. I enjoy working and being around adults. In March I completed my MBA in Marketing and Management. As I stated before things happen for a reason therefore there is some cosmic reason I'm home more. I enjoy all the time with my family and I wouldn't trade it in for nothing.

In my spare time away from cleaning, laundry and kids I enjoy all kinds of things. I'm completely obsessed with Harry Potter. I've read all the books multiple times and I just can't get enough. I'm soooo sad that the books are over. I love to read a great book. One of my favorite authors is Dan Brown. His books are great. Just remember get what you want from them. Form your own opinions don't just listen others. I also *heart* music. I love all kinds of music except country. *just because I'm from the country doesn't mean I have to be country* I love rock, whether is classic, hard, or heavy. One day I'll post my top ten albums.

I also have a creative side. I enjoy scrapbooking. I'm not great yet but I'm having fun with it. I learn new things all the time. I really love shopping for scrapping. I once, "I scrap therefore I'm broke." I'll try to post pictures of my work oneday. Be gentle because I've done this seriously since May. I did a scrapbook all in one night. My girls and I went to see the Queen of England when she was here in May. I figured it would be easier to show someone a scrapbook than keep handing them my camera. Since then I've really been addicted. I've done my Wedding and now I'm doing random pages. I don't feeling doing another complete book right now. Once I get many pictures out of boxes I will feel more inspired.

Well that all for now!
Beth :)