Sunday, April 27, 2008

This weekend!

The girls and I went to the stamping convention and did a little shopping. Lexi and Gigi wanted every stamp they saw. There were tons of rubber mounted stamps and a few acrylic stamps. I felt some things were over priced but it was so worth going. I met this woman from Splitcoast Stampers and I asked her a question about crackle paint. While she demonstrated for me on a tag and when she was done, she gave it to me. I'll take a picture of it later for you all to see plus I'll link it to her blog. It's really pretty.

Lexi and Gigi made a notebook with a "bind it all" then tried to get me buy one. But I don't see much use for that toy right now. I don't make many mini albums.

Later one of the staffers came up to us and started talking to Gigi and Lexi, then asked her if she like red or blue stars. She said yes and he gave her a program with star in it. About 5 minutes later, she won a $25 Gift Cert. Both girls picked out PINK flowers. While at that booth I finally found "happy mothers day stamps" Whoo hoo! June, you would have had fun!!

Here's my loot from the Expo:

So we left there and I pulled out my mapquest direction and headed towards Archivers.

At first I was like this place isn't as big as I thought. The store on the webpage looked huge. Maybe Cleveland is bigger. But once you get inside there is tons of stuff. They have paper, albums, bags and a class room in the back. There is a massive 1.99 section. That is where I did most of my damage. They also have a big clearance section too. It looked like alot of christmas stuff. Oh, btw their cardstock is ROY G BIV, I did chuckle to myself. LOL Their restrooms are clean and smell good. Lexi had to go potty like 3 times while we were there. LOL They had sooo much stuff. I took a couple teaser picks for you all.

Here's my loot from there:

We left there and went to Quizno's and came home. We had a blast! Gigi and Lexi wants to go back tomorrow, but i don't see that happening! :)

Here's a LO I made with my new scrappy goodness. This was the final layout for the AMR Castaway Club. I used grunge board on it, as well as the new dabber paint. I also used new MM felt flower.

This LO is the one I did for the OLW Challenge. The word was Grow this time. I kept thinking either use a flower or a baby picture. I've done a lot of baby pictures lately so I went with the flower. These are bubblegum flowers because they smell like grape bubblegum. I don't know their real name, but either way they are a cute flower.

Well that it's for this time.
Ta-ta for now!

Monday, April 21, 2008

New Space

Happy New Week!!

I had a fabulous weekend. I didn't have time to update my blog. I've been playing with my family. Tony has 4 days off in a row, so we stay busy to keep him from getting bored.

This weekend I had a mini crop at my house some new local friends and I got together here and eat Chinese food, ice cream and chatted. Scrapping was the goal but, not much scrappiness happened. I finished a LO after they left. I think I was too busy trying to be a good host. LOL Here's the LO I completed afterwards:

I also finished my Castaways Club LO. I made my own ghost tree, then I inked it with green ink. It turned out OK. :) My friend Mike took this picture in DC.

This LO is of Lexi sleeping and I cut the letters with SCAL (sure cuts a lot). I absolutely love that program. I also love this picture of Lexi sleeping, she looks so cute curled up in my blanket.

Tonight I made a couple cards for the girls. Gigi was stressing out a little bit. I want to her understand that no matter what happens Tony and I are proud of her. She a little type A sometimes. She's so cute and we want her to have fun and enjoy her childhood. Some times I sneak little love notes in her bookbag. The "you are my sunshine" is Gigi's and ofcourse we can't leave Lexi out. She a little cutie pie. The one with the hanging monkey is hers. I got these cute Autumn Leave's Mindy's Zoo stamps today and I love them. :)

Saturday, my cute sweet hubby built me a new desk just for scrapping. Part of the dinning room is offically mine now. I've been busy organizing. I love the way I have it set up, it's so easy to scrap there. Everything I need is right there except my cricut and computer. Tony is such a good man to put up with my scrapping needs. I better stay interested in my hobby or my scrubby (hehehe) might get a little upset. LOL

Well that's all for this installment. I will try to update again later.
ta-ta for now!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The weekend is almost over!!

This weekend is coming to an end. It's been a fun we are down to basic chores: laundry, dishes, cleaning...blah blah blah.

To recap the weekend. Friday night the girls and I just chilled and relaxed. We ate food and played. After they went to bed, I scrapped while I waited for Tony to get home from work. I made a couple LOs. The first one here is for the OLW Challenge. This weeks word was "Best". I made this LO of Tony and I before we went to the MCV's Winter Ball in 1999. It one of my favorite pictures of us.

This next LO I did for a different challenge. I saw it on the Dares but I'm not posting it there. It was do a LO about a colors, or your hair scarf. The funny thing is that I've been wearing my hair scarf a lot lately and thought why not do it. I'm just not brave enough to post it over there yet. :)

Saturday I went to a meet up crop. We had a blast there. The girls came with me, because it was very kid friendly. We are all mothers and all of us brought our kids. The children got to play while we all chatted and scrapped. Honestly we did more chatting than scrapping. I did 3 LO in 9 hours, granted we did eat dinner in between. The other people there were fabulous and entertaining. The girls and I didn't get home until about midnight. Hopefully this is something we can do on a monthly basis. The following LOs were the ones I did there.

I hope you all have a fabulous week!!!
ta-ta for now!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Hello Weekend....Goodbye Week!!

Hi all!!

Well it's friday...whoo hoo!! This was a sort of crazy week to say the least. It's been a emotional week too. I have gone through all the emotions in the world. Thankfully I have a great support system with my hubby and friends. I have bugged them all this week. Tony is my ultimate hero. Bekah, Tonya and Mike you all rock , because you all put up with me and my crazy family. :)

I started classes again this week. I'm taking Web Design II and Linux, this will be a busy quarter. I'm still not working and Tony hasn't mentioned me working yet. He even talked about turning our dog into a in the house dog because I'm home all the time. :)

I feel as if TV life is getting back to normal. ER started again with new episodes last night and With Out a Trace. Thank Goodness for DVR. Tonight is a new Ghost Whisper. Thank you writters for going back to work. LMAO!!

Tomorrow, I'm going to a friends house to scrap. It's going to be a blast, there will be laughing, scrapping and eating. She's making Mexican food. Today I have printed off pictures to scrap tonight and tomorrow. I hope I get alot done. Scrapping is a great release and I need it right now.

Here's a couple LOs I've done recently:
This one is for 2 challenges. I made it for Method Playground's hybrid challenge. I used digi paper and brushes around the 2 pictures of Lexi. I also made it for Studio Calico's numbers challenge. My HS Chem teacher used to always say..1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 I'm still in a Good Mood. I've always loved that saying and I use it today with my girls.

This LO is for the Paradise Survivor Challenge on the AMR. I was lucky enough to make it to Week 2. There is so much talent I feel truly blessed to move on. Here it is.
I hope you all have a great weekend!!
ta-ta for now!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bad Me!!

It's been a week since I've updated. OOPS!!

Let's see not much is going on here in my little world. The girls and I have been playing hard. Classes started again yesterday and spring has finally hit Ohio. Yesterday was gorgeous, I mean I didn't need to wear a jacket. I loved every second of it. Today we are going to have a high of 70. WHOO HOO!!

I did do alot of scrapping this weekend. The AMR had it's monthly crop. The girls and I had a blast scrapping. Gigi loves challenges. Stacey is sending her a treat because she's doing so well. :) I won a RAK for Heather's challenge. It was all journaling only no pictures.

Here's a link to all my layouts Lately: You can just scroll through them. I did 8 LOs this weekend. My Gallery

Sunday I took the girls to a "baby shower" for all the spring animals being born. They had a blast looking at 2 day old goats, ducklings and calves. Lexi's favorite was the horse and Gigi's was the goats, ducklings, llama and cows.

Have a fabulous Tuesday!!
Ta-ta for now!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Beaver Creek

Wow Yesterday was such a great day!! It was the first real nice day of the year and my hubby who had a little cabin fever had a great idea. He decided to have a picnic on Beaver Creek. We picked up some fried chicken and ate next to the creek. Of course by dinner time it was cold again. We were all the little chilly but it was so worth the view and family fun! The girls were picking up fresh water clam shells. We all walked along the sand and walked through the mill, it just a gorgeous beautiful place. I feel so grateful to be there with my family at such a beautiful place.

The girls both finally got their camera yesterday so the park was a great place for them to take pictures. Lexi took quite a few, Gigi rather use the video feature and pretend to be iCarly. She having her own webshow.
Today Lexi finally got her Easter present, she is loving her Hello Kitty Radio! Tonight she going to listen to Hannah Montana tonight while she sleeps tonight. She feels like such a big girl!
Here's one LO I've done this week. 7 facts about me! Hopefully I can post more tomorrow!! Or atleast post a more organized mess. I'm trying to reorganize tonight!
ta-ta for now!!