Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm recovering!!

We had such a busy weekend, I think Gigi was glad to go back to school for a break!!

Friday night we went on a Ghost Walk! It was so much fun and very interesting but very cold and wet. rained the whole time! Gigi and Lexi were so brave..neither one got scared through the walk. I think they are both use to my ghost shows so a walk was nothing to them. But, because of the weather and darkness...I didn't get any pictures but there is one place I want to go back and take pictures of. There is an old pioneer cemetery. It's from the 1800's with gorgeous tombstones. I know it's weird but old cemeteries have so history and beauty in them. I just think they are gorgeous!!

Saturday we went pumpkin picking and had a blast...unfortunately it was to muddy for a hayride but it was still great. We all picked out very nice pumpkins and now Thursday or Friday, Tony has to carve them. It works we well for us. We go and pick them out and he's does all the hard work. After we went pumpkin picking we had a small Halloween party at my SIL's house. She had the kids make caramel apples and watch the Goonies! It can't get any better than candy and great Movie!!

Sunday..the girls and I went to see High School Musical 3. It was really cute and Lexi danced almost every time Sharpay was on the screen. Well Lexi is fabulous so it would only make sense. Gigi was just happy as a clam watching the movie. She's in love with Troy Bolton!

So today we just needed a day to rest!! Well the girls rested, I got scrappy! I made a birthday card for my BIL, and new LO, and finished my fall ATC cards. I was quite productive! LOL

I hope you all have a great week!!
Love and Hugs!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Saturday!!

Happy Saturday!!

Last night I took the Girls on their first ever Ghost Walk!! It was the coolest walk through the local area, where different *spirits* would tell their stories of murder and mayhem. We heard some very interesting stories as well as saw some great home and historic sites. The Girls did not get scared or startled once. The worst part was it rained the whole time. I didn't get any pictures at the event but I did get some cute ones before we left the house. These pictures are going to be so fun to scrap.

Here's some of my scrappiness of the week.

Once last thing...we celebrated another year of my husband's life on Thursday!! Happy Birthday Sweetie!! He's officially turned 39, but tells everyone he's 29.

I hope everyone has a fabulous fall day. If it stops raining soon, we are going on a hayride!!
Love and Hugs!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall is here!

It's officially fall now. I've have turned the heat on and it probably won't come off again until April??

Last week we took advantage of the warm weather. Tony and I took the girls on a picnic. We took them to the park so they could see all the leaves change and enjoy the nature. As we ate our dinner we had a flock of visitors. A whole bunch of geese wanted to see what was for dinner. Fall is peaking here and it's just lovely! I love showing the girls all the great things nature can do!

Some how I found time to scrap this weekend. The girls had a sleep over with their cousins and then a Halloween event. Also on Saturday we attend a Mustard Party...yep it was a party for mustard. CJ did a great hosting it. We had a lot of fun, but we had to leave early because we had a long day.

Here's the Scrappiness!!

I did this LO for the Scrap Scheme Challenge Blog.

I did this one for fun!! :)

I did this one for the Cord Camera Sketch Challenge. Stephanie added a twist and wanted people to use fabric. I used the fabric but I really didn't follow the sketch. I actually used my sewing machine on this LO! This is not my best work but it's done!!

I hope you all have a great Fall Day!!
Love and Hugs!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Layouts...finally!!

I believe as cheerleading was ending my mojo was returning. I feels so good to be able to play with paper and actually create something cute and totally me but first I have to show my kids. LOL

Lexi and Gigi both got new hair dos this week. Gigi got a big trim where as Lexi received a whole new do. Now she picked out her cut all by herself and she loves it!! She's been glowing since Friday night.

Sunday was the last day of Cheerleading unless one of the teams make it to the Superbowl. The best part of Sunday's game besides it being the last game was that "The Little WildCats" won the game. It was our first win of the season.

Since the WildCats won...we decide it was an excuse to make brownies at home. LOL I thought it was a good reason. They were good brownies too!! :)

Okay, here's my scrappiness

I've made about 12 xmas cards that look like this but each one is slightly different. I've used different colors and different cuttlebug embossing.

I got the idea of this card from the small Stamping Convention I went to this weekend with CJ.

Lastly this is my favorite LO, I've made in a while. It was fun to make last night while Tony was flipping through 3 different sporting events.

I hope you all have a fabulous week. Hopefully I'll post again really soon.

Hugs and Love!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!

We just celebrated Lexi's 5th birthday!!! I can't believe my baby just turned 5! She is so full of life and she just oozes of sweetness!! She has been planning her birthday party is last year. She had to have a Tea Party and a new tea set. She also had to have a guitar because she in a band and they practice at our house (this was all news to me).

Gigi and Lexi Playing with their new instruments.

I'm 5!!!!!!!!

Her party was a smash. She decided she want make your own Taco Salads for the menu. It was a great choice because it was something different than the normal pizza. The kids also had an impromptu dance party. We had Hannah Montana playing and they just danced along. She also got tons of cool presents. Her Nana and Papa gave her a Nintendo DS and her Gee-Gee and Papa gave her a really cool doll house. Of course Mommy and Daddy bought the Guitar for her as well as some stuff.

Her Party Cake!

Dance Party
Sunday we went to Gigi's football game.

Oooo I finally finished a LO!! I started this bad boy last week sometime. Now it's done!! whoo hoo!!

Have a great Day everyone!!!
Love and Hugs!!