Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another snow day!

Okay, now I'm getting used to the horrid snow. I can drive in it now, but I still don't like too. I almost go stuck in the driveway yesterday afternoon, after going to the grocery store. I didn't think I was going to be able to pull all the way in but somehow I managed.

As you can tell by looking at my blog, I changed things up a little. I made a new header and changed the background color. I want to keep things new. I think I will do more later. As I learn more about html, I will add more. I have ideas. I might even set up a website gallery too.

Today Gigi came home from school with a boy's phone number. He passed it to her in class. Tony is having a little fit. Now he wants to volunteer in the class that way he can scare all the little boys. The note is really cute it looks like the ripped it off of a folder or notebook. Just like any good mom I took pictures of it. I thinks it's so cute and funny.

Yesterday I finished a LO. It's a picture of Lexi and it's adorable. She is dirty from head to toe with chocolate pudding. I think the LO turned out fairly cute for only having one picture on it. I used ghost letter and shapes. I stapled them together and use vellum adhesive to make them stick to the paper.
Tomorrow I'm going to my weekly crop. I going to be showing the girls how to heat emboss. I've played with it, but I'm kind of nervous about teaching it. I think I will create a little project for them to do with embossing. I'm thinking I'm going to have them make bookmarks. It's simple and easy, plus it will be something they can mess up and not feel bad about it. Wish me luck! I'll try to update tomorrow afternoon once I get home from my crop.
Ta-Ta for now!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Happy Weekend!

It's been a great week eventhough it snowed. The girls and I have been hanging around the house. Thursday I went to my weekly morning crop. I started a few LO that I finished last night. I do the titles at home because I don't take the cricut anywhere. She my home toy. My 6 year asked me when I was buying her one. She wants her own, she doesn't share very well. I told her maybe when she 20. She then told me she'll be an adult and won't be home then. It kind of broke my heart. I can't imagine her or her sissy not being home with me. After the crop, I picked up Gigi from school. We went to the OG to see Tony, then off to Cord Camera. I wanted to see what kind of stuff they had. I didn't buy much because I'm eagerly awaiting my March kit from the THE AMR .

Today I caught up on all my school work. I did homework and quizzes. I caught up on all the MBs. I've joined a local mom's group out here. I've learned about this group from my scrap group. I'm excited about having other kids for my girls to play with. This moms group contains a bunch of spunky spirited moms. I'm looking forward to future play dates.

Here's are some new LOs. I love the Williamsburg LO just because I love Williamburg and the history it contains. When I see that photo it give me a sense of what life was like during the Colonial days.

This next LO is of Gigi on the last day of school. They had a Hawiian themed party. I think she looked adorable. Yes, I'm a proud Momma!!

This LO is of Easter last year.

Lastly I want to show you Gigi's art studio. She put alot of work into creating her own scrap space in her room. She's very proud of it as I am of her. :) Yep, I'm proud again. Well, I'm always proud of my girls. :)

That's all for now!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Presidents Day!!

Happy Monday everyone!!

I just wanted to check in, I haven't update recently. Not much as been going on here in lovely cold Ohio. I've mostly been trying to keep my girls entertained. We have had a lot of snow recently so we haven't gone any where or done anything too fun. The only day Gigi had school last week was Thursday. She got to go to her Valentine's day party. She had a blast plus she got alot of valentines cards. She gave out High School Musical Valentine's. They were cute plus, she picked them out herself. :)

This weekend we have managed getting their room clean. Yey!! I've done tons of laundry, dishes and vaccuuming. I started scraping last night but I haven't finished anything new yet. It's sitting on the table waiting for me, I started to finish it then, I got sidetracked tonight by Knight Rider. It wasn't great but it wasn't bad either, I lost it when "The Hoff" appeared. I will scrap tomorrow, is there a better way to celebrate our presidents than by scrapping? I might even put on the history channel in honor of them.

Here are some pictures of the girls playing Candyland. They have played every game we own. I'm running out of idea to keep them entertained. I can't wait for spring, so I can take them to the park.
This is Lexi and her boyfriend Diego. This is the only bf her daddy will allow. If Diego gets out of line, Tony will just erase him. Got to love Cartoon boyfriends!!
Here are some LOs I did earlier this week. They are already on my Flickr Gallery. But I wanted to put them here too. I love the one with the beach. It's sparkly, thanks to Stickles. I've been doing LOs about warm weather, hoping it will bring summer here sooner. ;)
Have a fabulous day!!
Beth :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cabin Fever!

I'm ready to create a petition to start spring and summer now! Who's with me??? It's snowing here like crazy. Yesterday school were cold because it was too cold. Like I've stated before I'm a southern this is all news to me. When we moved I was under the impression school never closed here. Boy was I wrong! Gigi has had a great week, plus there is no school on Friday and next Monday. She's on a mini vacation.

All this crazy weather has kept us inside. So I'm going a little nutty. I can't watch anymore Disney channel. We have played, read, and done just about everything. They are getting cabin fever just like me. We can't go outside because it's too cold, plus they don't want to play in the snow. Tony gets to escape to work!

Here are some pictures I just took from my back door. :)

I just unpacked all of our photo albums from the move here. Now I can start scrapping pictures from the beginning. I even found disks I made mom that had old pictures on them. I found this great picture of Grandma and just wanted to scrap it. Looking at that picture of Grandma she seemed happy and full of life. I just wish I knew her better. Now I want to do other pictures of my family. I just need to get Mom to send me some or my Aunt to send me some. :)

I did get quite scrappy last weekend! I did 5 LOs and 2 cards. Luckily I have a hobby that I can do from home. This does help the cabin fever some. :)

I might go get scrappy now. Art stuff does keep the girls busy. :)
Have a fabulous day and night!
Elizabeth :)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

30 is just another number!

It's offical. I'm 30 now! I've always had a fear of turning 30. I don't know why or who caused it but I've lived through it! Turning 30 made me think of all the wonderful events and people in my life. I have accomplished alot in my 30 years. Plus there is still more that I want to do.

What I've done and thankful for:
Got married to a wonderful Man!
I have 2 beautiful little girls!
I have a wonderfully crazy family!
I have a mother who loves me and my girls a whole lot!
I have completely awesome friends, they have helped me through some rough times (2007)!
I have my MBA!

What I want to do:
I want to be a great mom and wife!
I want to show my daughters everything!
I want a wonderful job!
I want to create finacial security for my family!
I want to travel!
I want to have lots of fun!

Yesterday I got to spend the day with my family! Tony and the girls bought me a cake and they gave me some cute jewerly. Yep I'm wearing my new black dangly earrings right now. :) Tony even had them make their own wrapping paper. They color on paper for me and he wrapped up the presents in it. I thought that was so sweet and thoughtful of him. He'll make a good "scrubby" yet.

My BFF send me a gorgeous arrangement of flowers! Everytime I walk by them I just smile! Thanks Bekah!!!!!!!!!

Today I went to my Thursday morning crop. I've gone 2 weeks in a row. I don't think I'm going next week because it's V-day. Tony has to close the OG (Olive Garden) that night so I might try to spend the morning with him. Anyway! It's good to get out for awhile. I started 2 LOs today and finished them at home. I think I've found a fun group of girls to scrap with and our children get along. That's even better.

Well I'm off for the night! Have a fabulous weekend!
Elizabeth :)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

It's Super Bowl Sunday!!!

Happy Sunday everyone!!!

Well today we are going to watch football, eat chips and be merry. Hopefully the Pats will win big tonight. I want to climb the ranks some more. :)

Thursday I went to a small scrappy gathering. It was the first time I met people in Ohio. It was good to talk to new people. I think Tony was kind of happy too because it means less talking to him. The Girls were really nice, they are all new to scrapping too. One girls has sooo much paper already. I was in complete paper envy. I could do lots of damage with her stack of paper. :) I really appreciated them letting me in their circle. They meet every thursday morning, so I'll definately go again.

Here the LO I made Thursday:

Isn't Gigi just the cutest!

Friday night there was a crop at the AMR . We had a blast doing all the fun challenges. Gigi and Lexi got in on the fun. Gigi did 4 challenges and Lexi had fun with 3 of them. I actually won a random drawing for the 5pm challenge. The crop started at 4 pm and went until 11pm. It was a blast to scrap. Challenges are always fun for me because they break me out of my norm.

Here the LO I did for my challenge. It was scrap either your favorite songs or albums of all time or use your iPod and scrap the 1st ten songs on shuffle. Of course each person had complete creative freeom. :)

These are LOs I did for other challenges. Next time I hope you can join us for the scrappin fun!!

If you are in the mood there is another tonight, for those who don't want to watch the game.

Have a great sunday!!
Elizabeth :)