Sunday, January 20, 2008


I've always loved Sundays! To me it's the best day of the week, we get to sleep in and then play all day. I finished up my school stuff for this week. I'm loving my HTML class, I'm also taking a Data Base Management class too. Today for the rest of the day me and the girls will get to hang out and play. We won't be going anywhere. Who wants to go out when it's so cold. My Weather

Yesterday we did get scrappy. I scrapped yesterday LOAD, I think it turned out fairly well. My picture matting was created by my printer running out of ink. I printed a set of pictures and the ink ran out. So after I replaced the ink cartridge I reprinted. I didn't want to waste that picture sooo. BOOM there's my photo mat. I liked how it turned.

I also did a couple other LOs too. Bekah's Flowers of Ireland LO inspired this one. She used the mosaic effect. I fell in love with her's and I've wanted to try it ever since. So, tried it last night. These were all pictures that were taken in my mother's backyard.

The last LO is of Gigi on Mix Match Day. Friday she got to wear all kinds of Mix Match items to school. She looked soo cute. I used DCWV papers to get a Mix Match pattern. I also use different chipboard to create the title.

The girls even got creative yesterday too. I gave them each a canvas to paint. They got to paint whatever they wanted on it. Their paintings reflect who they are right now. I adore their work, I've already have them on the wall. I will treasure them forever!
This is Gigi's she my 6 yr old.
This is Lexi's she my 4 yr old.
I hope you all have a fabulous Sunday!
Oh wish me luck in today's football game. I wanna stay near the top! I'm rank 39th in the ESPN's GridIron Challenge.
Bye for Now!
Elizabeth :)


  1. the girls' canvases are so cute...what a fun thing to decorate your scrap space. Love all your new los.

  2. cute lo's! I'm jealous that you're learning html, I wish I knew it!

  3. Love all of your projects, and the girls' too! You've been tagged...please see my blog for details.

  4. Great pages!! I love that the girls got into the act and painted on canvases.

    I also love Sundays. They're so relaxing and fun. If only everyday could be like Sunday!!

  5. Your girls both have an eye for color!! They come by it honestly. :D

    Tell Lexi I love my ring!