Monday, January 7, 2008

I kicked some serious hiney yesterday!!!

Yep, That right!!! I won the first week of the playoff challenge on ESPN. I scored 111pts, my husband scored 83pts and my BIL scored 80pts. I won and I have a decent lead. I'm sooo excited. I guess he'll take me serious now. I'm not too competitive. MUAHAHAHA (my evviilll laugh)!!!

I did a couple LO yesterday. It was the last day of the CKMB crop. Plus I'm doing LOs for the LOAD.

I used tranparencies on the Bag Girls. It was the first time I used tranparencies I made one design on PSE5 and used a flourish stamp for the other. I will definately continue to play with this technique, I love how it looks on the paper.
I love the pictures in this one. My daughters wanted purses like Mommy. So they got little Vera Bradleys. The day we bought them, they had to go to the Girlie store (aka claries) to get accessories for it. They picked out hairbrushes, lip gloss cell phones, and of course jewerly. They will tell you they are "Fabulous Girls". The pictures were taken in summer of 2006.
The Daddy's helper was from this Christmas. I laugh everytime I think of the mail box. Tony was responsible for on present. So he goes and buys his parents a mailbox. This is the only present he wrapped as well. BTW all this was done on Christmas Eve. LOL!!!
Well that's all for now. I started classes today. I'm working on my Web Design degree. I'm taking 2 courses: Database Management and Web developement. Oh for all you college people,parent of college students,or soon to be parent of college student get your text book on eBay. I saved over $100 today.
Have a great and fabulous Monday!!!
Elizabeth :)


  1. YAY on your playoff lead! I lost my regular season fantasy league...last place...YES!!!! LOL! It was still fun! I love your LOs too! Corey (saints511)

  2. I love your LOs!! I can't wait to crop together on-line again :)