Sunday, January 6, 2008

Playoffs started

It's Sunday!! I've been scrapping all weekend. I've done 9 layouts in 3 days plus a card. Whew!! My mojo is getting tired. Here's todays entry for the LOAD. Yes, I scrapped a pencil. I glue pencils to my Layout! I figured everything that's not glue down is open game to us scrappers.

It's sunday so we are back to our normal schedule since the holidays are over. We make muffins every Sunday morning. The girls love mixing the batter. It always good to have traditions even if they are weekly ones.
Now the NFL playoff are in full force. I have a fantasy team on This is something Tony and I do every year, he always wins but this year I won the regular season. Yey me!!! Now we are playing the Playoff's verison, but now we have a new player. My Brother in Law is playing with us. He is surprised I play but hopefully he'll be more surprised when I kick his hiney this week. Wish me luck!!!!
Well that's all for now!
Elizabeth :)


  1. you go girl...i love that you play that.

  2. I love traditons!!! Sounds like fun at your house!! Can I come over and play?