Thursday, January 3, 2008

A new year, a new happiness!

As 2007 left our presences, 2008 emerged. I'm determined this will be a great, fantabulous year. I believe this year has good things to come. Last year was not all bad, there were good moments. I personally prefer them over the bad ones.


  • I've made a life long friend in Rebekah, we are (to use her words) soul mates. She been there for me and she understands. We have practically everything in common.

  • I've moved to Ohio. This move has lighten the stress in my life. There is no way to describe how it feels to have that 100 lb weight off my chest.

  • Tony working for the Olive Garden. Since he's switched companies he's no where near as stressed. Also he has balance in his life. He's home more and he gets to spend more time with the family.

  • My girls, they are the best. They are growing so fast and they are full of life. They have a light that can't be matched. I feel so lucky to have such wonder girls.

Overall, I'm proud to have such wonderful people in my life.

Since I'm only looking forward this year, I've choosen this years word(s) to be: Everlasting Happiness.

Throughout the year at random times I will post pictures that inspire me and my everlasting happiness.

This picture is a castle from England. The reason I chose this image is to remind me of my goal to travel to England with in the next couple years. Also it's just beautiful and it makes me smile.

Have a great year!!


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