Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ending 2009

scrapping great memories of the year. Here's what I did today:

I'm really looking forward to 2010. I even made resolutions this year.
*have more patience with Mom
*keep doing wii fit every day
*less shopping more scrapping (I've done really good with this as of late, I haven't bought a piece of paper since Oct. )

Also I want to keep up with my Project check my other blog frequently. :D

I hope everyone has a great New Years!!

Love and Hugs!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Top 9 of 2009

These are my top 9 photos of 2009:

I hope you enjoyed these...some are just fun and cute!
Thanks for looking!

Love and Hugs!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Crafts

Here's a simple project the girls and I did together.

We made very pretty ornaments for our family. I just love handmaking gifts for people. I don't know if they enjoy receiving them as much as we enjoy making them.

Here's what you need for these ornaments:
Clear bulbs (we bought ours at Michaels)
Tim Holtz' alcohol inks
make up sponges
die cut machine
transfer tape for the vinyl

First we dropped some ink on a sponge

Next we dapped or smeared it all over the clear bulb. I prefer dabbing b/c it gives a cute polka dot design. Gigi was more of a smearer. Lexi is a dabber like me.

Next we let them dry.

Then we cut out different images with my Cricut using SCAL (I <3 SCAL) on the vinyl. We used the transfer tape to adhere the images to the bulbs.

All we have left to do is add some ribbon to the hoops and waa-laa we are done.

Even our Elf is getting into the spirit of craftiness!!

Blog at you soon!
Love and Hugs!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Timmy in me

Well that kind of sounds weird....I attempted to do a couple Timmy tags. I have to say that man is uber talented.

These are my humble attempts.

Here's a Timmy inspired Holiday Card. I used ton's of embossing powder. It was so much fun to make.

Here's a Halloween LO, I did this week. I haven't scrapped it awhile, but I feel like my mojo is coming back. :D Hopefully there will be more to come.

Here's some keychains, the girls and I made for different people for xmas presents. I think they turned out really unique.

Here's the Christmas card insert that going out to family and friends. I took the photo myself and I was lazy and bought the template of 2peas.

I hope everyone has a fabulous holiday!!

Hugs and Love!
Beth :D

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Poor Little Blog

I'm sorry little blog!! Life is slowing down just in time for the holidays!

Cheerleading is officially until summer. Gigi's squad came in 2nd place at competition. They worked their booties off.

Lexi is doing well in Kindergarten. I'm so proud of her. She's adapted to school quite well. She just adores her teacher.

Now that life is getting back to normal, hopefully I'll be scrapping more. I miss playing with paper. I was gonna scrap Sunday, but I didn't get around to it. But, here's the last LO I made. It's Lexi in her ladybug Tu-Tu.

Here's my favorite picture of them right now. I took it Friday while there were playing in leaves.

I hope everyone has a great week. I'll be back soon!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A great crop!!

Last night I went to an incredible crop. CJ and I cropped until 10:30pm. We left the crop early, we must be getting old. LOL She was out of pictures to scrap and I ran out of mojo.

Most of these were just for fun but a couple were for challenges.

This one is for Sketchy Thursday and Ad this!

This is for Got Sketch!

Thanks for Looking!
Have a great Day!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm alive

I'm alive...we've just been so busy. I've turned into a taxi for my children. Today was the first day in forever we haven't had any plans. whew!! I'm still in my sweatpants. LOL sorry for the bad mental image but they are comfy.
Here's a run down of what we've been up to.
*Cheer Practice- Gigi has it 4 days a week Lexi has it 1 day a week.
*Football games on Sunday
*School- Gigi is a 3rd grader and Lexi is in Kindergarten.
*I'm a volunteer a couple days a week in Lexi's class.
*Lexi has started dance class on Thursdays once Gigi is done with competition cheering, she'll be in dance class.
*Weekends we been doing fun non-cheer related stuff. Late summer was birthday parties and swim parties. Now it's fallish activities. I LOVE FALL!!

We are just having fun as a family!

I've attached the last 2 LOs I made. I feel slightly inspired right now so hopefully I'll get scrappy tonight.

I'll blog again soon!
Love and Hugs!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

catching up!!

I finally scrapped. Whoo hoo!! I did a LO and card. It felt good to play with paper again. I even made cute bookmarks for back to school.

Tomorrow Gigi starts 3rd grade and Thursday Lexi starts kindergarten. I should be able to play more, I really don't know what I'm gonna do with both of them gone. I'll probably clean and organize and maybe play.

I don't want to overwhelm y'all with tons of pictures...but we've played, gone to the zoo, gone swimming, hung out, been to a bon fire, cheer practice, football games, birthday parties and just have had tons of fun. Oh and Gigi celebrated her 8th birthday.

In 2 weeks Gigi should be completely healed from her broken arm and she's decided she wants to do competition cheer. So I guess, we'll continue to be busy once school starts.

I hope everyone has a great fabulous week!!

Love and Hugs!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh where...

Oh where, oh where did my mojo go?? I hope I can find time and inspiration. I have tons of pictures to get scrapped. I just need to do it.

Hopefully...I'll post some LOs soon.

Love ya'll!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm a bad blogger...

We've been crazy busy around here. I did do a few LOs last week but I have edited them yet. I've been editing Pittsburgh pics and night pics.

I will update this week with some good pics and new LOs. :) I promise to be a good blogger again. :)

Love and Hugs!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I hope to get my scrapping mojo back. We've been busy with other things, it seems like scrapping has taken a back seat. In two weeks I've done 2 LOs. Can you believe that??

Here's the LO..I got done this week. It's a picture CJ took last weekend on the photowalk. It's son Erik and my Lexi at the Alter of a local church. He really wants to marry her. I think it's so cute..but my hubby doesn't think so. You should check out CJ's...we used the same sketch this week. It's from 52 sketches.

Here's my 2 little Wildcats:

Gigi's arm is still broken, but we decided to take the sling off for the pictures. She's the best one armed cheerleader.

Today us girls had a "at home spa day" I did their nails, we had makeovers ( I let my 5 and 7 year old do my makeup). We had so much fun. We also made was a perfect afternoon.
Here's some post makeover pics...yep I put make up on them. They both felt glamourous.

Blog Candy!!
Go to Melissa's site to win a's her blogaversary. Good Luck!!

I hope everyone has a great week!! :)

Love and Hugs!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Long Week

We've had a long week!!
Tuesday the girls started Cheerleading practices. Practices run from Monday through Thursday (they added a Monday practice to the schedule...yey me). There are 57 little cheerleaders on my daughters' squad. It's fun trying to watch them coach so many girls. All the cheers are coming back to me from last year. I catch myself saying them...."lets get fired up".

On Wednesday we were at a play date and Gigi fell down and broke her arm. We didn't realize it was broke until Thursday. We took her to the ER and the x-rays showed a crack in her humorous, right underneath her shoulder. It never swelled nor did it bruise.

With this break, they didn't give her a cast. But we have to treat her as if she had a cast. She can't run, jump, swim, or really play. We have to keep her arm immobile. She also has to learn how to do everything with her left hand. So the first night we all ate with our less dominate hand, so she would feel better. Also after dinner we had a hands free jello eating contest. (Tony won... imagine that)

The Doctor said she can't cheer-lead until September. She a little upset about this. I think she can do it with out jumping. She'll just be a one armed cheerleader. One thing she is happy about is that she can play on the computer a lot more.

Today we went on the 2nd Annual Worldwide Photo Walk for our region. Luckily CJ came with us. Our poor region had 3 participants. We walked around a local park and took some pictures. I need to edit them and upload them to a site. We took pictures of flowers, kids and ourselves. We found really good mirrors for self portraits ( I should have redone my make up before I went).

Here's the only LO I've made this week. It's of Lexi practicing her new cheers. She's now a little wildcat. She's so excited about cheerleading and she's so cute doing it too. I did it for 52 sketches.

Well I hope your week was more relaxed than ours. We have plans all the way until next Friday. Starting with a car wash tomorrow.
Take Care!!

Love and Hugs!