Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tony's Buns!!

Who would like some of Tony's buns??? He picked these up for our Thanksgiving Dinner...He commented how he had the coolest buns there. I love my dorky hubby. :)

We had a great time on Thanksgiving with Tony's brothers and their families. We had good food, conversations, and football. The best part was that all of our kids get along and played well together.

This week I haven't been to crafty but I did get a couple things done.

I did this LO for the 52 sketches Challenge:

I did this card for Sketchy Saturday:

Lastly I did this for Never Been Kissed (It's not my best card ever but I was tired last night):

I did all three projects with the same papers...Yep..I used my scraps. I do get a lot of papers and scrap papers. :)

Have a great day!!
Love and Hugs!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Early Turkey Day!!!

I hope everyone has a fabulous Turkey Day and gets stuffed with lots of yummy food.

I've been quite scrappy lately with one of my friends. We been scrapping at our own homes but never the less we've been scrapping. We are challenge junkies right now. We have been doing all kinds of challenges. It's been fun! Here is some recent LOs:

Thanks for stopping by!! I've got some cards to make. :)
Love and Hugs

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It's cold outside, we have our first snow storm of the year. We got about 3 inches last night and might get another 2 inches today. This afternoon once I pick Gigi up from school we will probably have a major snow fightball fight. I foresee me being very cold and wet, with 2 little happy girls whom won a major snow fight.

Yesterday my girls started coloring Butterflies for this cause. The want to send in a few butterflies for the children that passed away during the Holocaust.

This week I was really scrappy. I did 9 LOs, I completed most them for the NoelMignon Harvest Crop. Here's one of them. If you wanna see the rest, just click on my Flickr Gallery.

On last thing, there is a huge give away here. Go fill out a comment and good luck!!
Love and Hugs!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Indian Summer.....

is officially over!! I know you all are sad too. Except those that live in Sunny Florida!! :)

With the ending of Indian Summer...comes the beginning of Winter. Even though the calender says it's not Winter, we all know it really is!!! Here's some signs I use to recognize the beginning of this very cold season.

1. The temperature (brrrrr)
2. The smell of wood stoves burning
3. You break out the Hot Chocolate (with lots of marshmallows)
4. You bust out all the thick sweaters and turtlenecks
5. You pack away your precious flip flops...for fear of frost bite
6. The sky turns gray...and the sun doesn't shine as much
7. You take off your toes fear of losing them in your house socks.
8. You think about making chili (when hubby's not home)
9. You start seeing snow flakes in you local forecast
10. Lastly, you actually start seeing snow!!!!

This time of year we start staying inside a lot because there aren't as many fun activities to do. I'm fine with that because we will spend some great quality time together.

I made this LO for the Online crop at NoelMignon. You should stop by and check it out!! They have lots of fun challenges as well as fun games.

Also, there is a new site up called Never Been Kissed Scrappers. It's cute, fun, and should sign up there and tell them..I sent you. ;)

Love and Hugs!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

slow weekend!!

This weekend we've done nothing but, it was welled needed. Part of the reason for do nothing is that I'm not feeling well. I finally caught that cold I've been fighting. Also, Tony wanted family time Saturday night. So we all hung out together and watched movies.

Yesterday I did manage to create some LOs. I did them for different contest. My friend and I both joined ScrapJazz and we are doing their November challenges. I think we only have 1 left to do.

This LO was for the 52 sketches challenge blog and Scrap Whispers challenge. Yep I doubled dipped. :)

I did this for the Scrap Jazz November sketch and Scrap Schemes Blog. It turned out cute...but it seems slightly plain to me. Yep...I double dipped again.

I did this one for fun. I wanted to scrap these pictures of Lexi. I think there are more LOs of Gigi in my books so I adding more of Lexi. I try to make it even.

Lastly Gigi scrapped yesterday too!! She was showing off her work.

If you have any other great challenges let me know. I'm always looking for fun stuff to do. :)

Also today while your out in blogger world...stop by my new friend's MaryAngella friend's page Jennifer and leave her some love and hugs!

Love and Hugs!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Election Day!!

I hope everyone goes out and VOTES today!! I don't care who you vote for as long as you exercise your American Right!!

After I vote today...I'm headed to Starbucks to get free coffee. Yum!!

I have to show off some Halloween Pics!

Lexi was Sharpay from High School Musical.

Gigi was a witch.

I can't wait to scrap these!!
I've gotten quite scrappy the last couple of day! It's felt so good to play with paper!! I love the feel of ink, glue and sparkles stuck on my fingers.