Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rain Rain Rain!!!

When I moved here someone told me the sun doesn't shine in this part of Ohio. I really thought they were joking. They weren't and the sun barely comes out of the clouds. Now it's raining. This type of weather is quite draining but on the bright side it keeps me in the house. I can sit in my dining room and listen to raindrops hitting the window and the sound of the cars driving through it on the busy street. When the weather gets like this I want to do one of two things. The first is read, I would pull out good ole' Harry Potter and just read all night. The second is scrap. Tonight I did the latter.

Last night I started a new project: an acrylic album. I did the title page, Bekah send me stickers in a care packages and they were prefect for the title. I'm going to fill the album with pictures of the girls as newborns. Now I just have to scan all these pictures. I didn't get my digital camera until after Lexi was born. I will keep posting new pages as I do them.
Tonight I did a new layout. These are pictures of Lexi, they were taken in August 2007. I absolutely adore these pictures. I captured her in a moment of sadness and tears. I hate to see her sad but these pictures just turn out beautifully. I did this layout without a title. I felt like a title would pull away from the pictures. I also did some hidden journaling. I really think the pictures speak for themselves.
I hope everyone has a great night and a wonderful Friday!
Elizabeth :)


  1. I haven't tried anything with the acrylic albums yet. Let us know how you liked working with them.

  2. So, do you have the I-haven't-seen-the-sun-in-months syndrome?? I know I sure do! I HATE WA weather, especially the kind where it's just gloomy outside. Ick.

    I love your album and LO. Keep crafting...that will help in dealing with the weather ;)