Friday, May 30, 2008

New LOs and New Title

As I was making a new header this morning I decided to change the name of my blog at the same time. So now it's called..My Scrappy World. It's the same name as my web page, that I haven't had a chance to build yet. I will work on it this summer hopefully.

I'm doing a couple countdowns right now.
**4 days of school left for Gigi
**22 days until I see Bekah and Tonya in Virginia!!

Yesterday Gigi had outdoor day at school. She looked adorable in her wildcat t-shirt. She's already showing school spirit. We have a car wash on Saturday for her cheering squad. I would love to know how 6 yrs old are going to wash cars and trucks. I bet they hold the signs while we moms are washing vehicles.

Last night before the girls went to bed, they wanted to sing. Lexi's favorite song to sing right now is "Girls just wanna have fun". She really good at singing and dancing at the same time. You gotta love that little voice bellowing across the room. Gigi only wanted sing "Hit me baby one more time". She sang it very well and had a blast doing it. :)

Here's a couple new LOs I've made lately. I did this one last night. I've had this picture printed for awhile and finally had the mojo hit last night for it. :) It's made on Prima paper and has some skittles on it.

Here's another new one. It's pictures of Lexi I took this week. She loves to show off for the camera.

Thanks for looking and visiting. I hope you all have a great weekend.

ta-ta for now!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's hump day!!

There are 6 days of school left for Miss Gigi, she and I can't wait for summer to get here. I'm excited about spending the summer finding fun things for her and Lexi to do up here. We will be discovering Ohio this summer. I can't wait to go to Cleveland.

OOOO, In about 3 weeks, I'll be in VA visiting friends and family. Bekah, be prepared!! WHOO HOO!! I can't wait to go to Richmond.

This past weekend was completely nuts and very busy, but the Girls had a blast. Every Memorial weekend we go to the beach and we didn't stop that tradition because we live in Ohio. I took the girls to Craig Beach at Lake Milton. It was a really great beach, but the water was completely freezing cold. The girls didn't care one bit though. I've heard that beach gets really busy during the summer. I guess we will find out ourselves. Overall it was a perfect day at the beach, because it had sand, grass, water and sun. I even got a little sun-burn.

I finally got some scrapping done yesterday. I did a couple LOs and the week 4 LO for the Jessica Sprague Course.

This LO is for the OLW challenge:

I got to use my new punch on it. I found the threading water punch at Michael's and I used a 50% off coupon on it. Whoo hoo!! For some reason I always wanted to use that punch on a picture.

This is the Week 4 LO for the Digi class. I love that picture of Lexi. She loves her new Sketchers. :)

Hopefully, I'll have some more LOs soon! Have a great day!!

ta-ta for now!!

PS....New Season of Ghost Hunters starts tonight. :)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

It's a LONG weekend.

I'm so excited about Memorial Weekend because it's the gateway of summer. Every year, the girls and I go to the beach to play. Well, we are continuing this tradition in Ohio. We are going to a local lake. I'm expecting it to be madness, Sunday. But it will be fun! Today we bought our new bathing suits and water shoes. Gigi has a really cute girlie suit, Lexi has a Princess bathing suit, and I have a green polka dotted bikini. Don't except any pictures of me in my suit. LOL

Today, my nieces are coming over to spend the night. We have tons of stuff to do. We are going to be making beachy jewelry, paint, dance, watch movies and pig out. I feel for my hubby he's going to be the only man around. Once my nieces go home on Sunday, we are off to the beach!! Whoo hoo!

Monday we have a family cook out/ birthday party for my nephew. He's turning 7. Unfortunately Tony has to work, but we will have fun for him. I don't see much scrapping in my future this weekend but I will takes loads of pictures.

Here's a few digi LOs I did for the Jessica Sprague class.

Have a great weekend and take time to remember those who have lost their lives defending our country. Thank you, for your service and dedication.

Ta-ta for now!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Wednesday!!

Wow it's Wednesday!! It's been a very long week so far. Monday I was sick and yesterday my Lexi was sick with a stomach bug. Finally tonight she was feeling almost 100%. She's been laying around for the past 2 days and Tonight she started playing. I love that she wanted to play tonight.

All we've done the past 3 days is lay on the couch watching our new favorite movie, Transformers. Wow watching that movie, makes me want to go toy shopping. I think it would be so much fun to play Transformers with my little girls. I remember as a girl I loved the cartoon, but I never got a real transformer, where my step sister had Optimus Prime. Ugh, it still annoys me today. I think this weekend we might go snag us a couple action figures. LOL Oh just to let you all know, in 2009 Transformers 2 will be released and this summer X-files 2 should be released. *yes, I'm a huge dork*

Yesterday while Tony was home with Lexi watching Transformer, Gigi and I went to the local flower garden. We had a blast walking around garden smelling flowers, reading different name and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Here's a few pictures. This proves the Sun can shine in Ohio!

On the crafty side of life, I finally finished a LO today. I finally felt up to working on it. It's pretty cute because it has Gigi holding the ATG gun. She's a serious scrapper. :) I also have been doing some digi scrapping too. It's easy because I can sit here and scrap. I'm taking the Jessica Sprague Digi class. It help completely to increase my knowledge of photoshop. I'm so glad I'm taking it. I'm going to take the other 2 classes as well!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. I'll be scrapping saturday so I'll definitely will update soon with new LOs.

Ta-ta for now!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mother's Day is Coming!

We all realize that Mother's Day is this Sunday. I hope all your shopping is done. I was told by Lexi (4 yr old) that I didn't get anything for my neck, wrist, or ears. LOL, I told my sweet hubby what she said and he just laughed and laughed. I hope all you moms out there get lots of nice stuff for Mother's Day!

I finished my MIL's present tonight. I think she'll like it. It turned out really cute. I'm quite pleased with it. I rarely do mini albums but I wanted to do this one for her. She is a real sweetheart. I got real lucky to have her as a MIL. :)

Here a new LO I did this week. It's for the 52 sketches challenge. It of Lexi when she was younger. I realized I need to start taking pictures in both portrait and landscape directions. I need to break from my shell. :)

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.
Ta-ta for now!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!!!

Yes I can't believe it's a holiday, but it is and I'm excited about it. I'm here blogging when I should be packing for a mini crop today.

Last year on national scrapbooking day, I made my first page. I didn't know it was a holiday then but I do now. I've been scrapping for one year. Boy has my collection grown in a year! I started out with colored cardstock, stickers, and deco scissors. Now I have so much scrappy goodness. I think the reason my stash grew so quickly other than I like to shop, is that both my girls love to play with art stuff and I like to try new things. (I had to find some reason to explain this growth to my hubby.) Besides my collection growing my style has grown too. I saw all these great pages by my friend Bekah and said I need to do that. :) She is a great enabler as well as very talented. (She's my sister from different parents.) Here's what I'm going to do today. I'm going to post my first LO and the last LO I've done. I hope you enjoy them.
First LO. This is us in Williamsburg trying to see the Queen of England. (I was very proud of this book because i did it all in one night)

Here the latest one .I've done. It's of Lexi and her new bag. :)

I hope you all have a wonderful scrappy day!
ta-ta for now!!