Monday, June 30, 2008

It's Monday again!!

Wow another week has started.

This week we just chilled out at home. It was fabulous and calm. I didn't have to go anywhere or do anything.

Well while I have clothes in the washer and dryer. I figured I'd show you some new LOs I made this weekend. I hope you like them. :)

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Ta-ta for now!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Fun times

Yesterday Tony was off and he can't sit still when he's home from work. We started out at McD's where we gave the girls options. Either mini golf or the zoo. They picked the Zoo of course. We drove to Akron and had a great time at the zoo. Gigi liked all the animals. Lexi's favorite was the deer. We are going again real soon. Next time I'm going to take my nieces.

Here's Tony being silly at McD's. This is the Riley Poole (from National Treasure) pose. He was trying to be serious after I was trying to catch him playing with all the KungFu Panda toys.

The girls being Penguins. Lexi had to wear her sunglasses.

Here's a cute Lemur.

Here's the family. Aren't they cute??

Tony actually volunteered to take a's the proof. LOL

Beautiful Graceful Jelly fish!

Here's some Flamingos for you flamingo lovers. :)

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Scrapbook Supply Garage Sale

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Well that's all for today. I'll add some scrappiness soon. :)

Ta-ta for now!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I'm am back home and loving it. I'm loving my bed and seeing my hubby. I miss my friends even more now though. Spending a few hours with lifelong friends is just not enough. There was lots laughing and giggling. Seeing them makes me really miss VA.
Saturday I got to visit Bekah and Tonya. Bekah and I went and ate Mexican food and just talked and talked and talked. Then Tonya came over and there was more talking. I pretty sure Tony was glad he wasn't there for that.
Sunday before heading home I went to a cook out with my other friends. I grew up with a bunch of wonderful guys. I've been friends with them since I was 3 and 4 years old. We all sat around drinking sodas and eating chips. The best part was our kids were getting along so well. Angela and I are already planning their weddings. Gigi and Zach are both 6 and they were playing with transformers and watching cartoon together. Gigi was even laid her head on his shoulder watching TV. She talked a lot about him since she's been home. Now Lexi and Josh they were cute as a button. She gave him Chocolate Chips cookies and had a very deep conversation about cookies. It was so precious. Josh want to come to Ohio to visit Lexi. Poor Tony he's not handling the future nuptials very well.
**I didn't take a picture of any of the above, I can't believe it**

The girls got to spend some quality time with their grandparents this weekend. We got at their resort around 9am and the girls were fishing at 10 am. Gigi kept telling us she was born to fish, she caught 5 fish and a turtle. Lexi caught a few fish and a turtle. All turtles are now named "Urtle the Turtle"

After fishing Gigi, Papa and I went to explore the local battlefield while Lexi napped with Nana. We saw where Stonewall Jackson was shot and different sights around Chancellorsville, VA. Gigi learned different things about the Civil War and more importantly had fun running around the different sights.

This is where Stonewall Jackson was shot.

Now that I'm home hopefully I will get scrappy and start making LO of our weekend in VA. I only took like 105 pictures over 3 days.

ta-ta for now!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

One little Word!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there. Unfortunately Tony had to work all day. So much for his father's day. The girls did make him some really cute cards and a little album. They worked really hard on it. Tony is a great father and the girls just adore him. This week he took them miniature golfing and to Build A Bear Workshop. His days off are special daddy time. Most of the time I'm invited along. Especially when I have the money. LOL

While we were Mini Golfing on Friday, Gigi hit her 1st hole in one! She was super excited. Lexi was just glad to be out there hitting the little ball. Tony was just having fun trying to teach them golf. He kept telling them "Address the Ball". I swear he said it about 50 times. LOL

After we golfed we headed to his parents for a visit. While we were there a huge storm blew up and made a gorgeous but scary sky. I couldn't help but take pictures.

Lastly here's the layout I did for the OLW challenge. This time the word was "ONE". I enjoying doing their challenges even though my LOs will never compare to all the fabulous scrappers/artist that participate. But guess what, I'm fine with that... Because I scrap for me and my girls. :)

Edited to add, I didn't do this LO in time. It was due Friday, oops.

Well that's all for now!

Ta-ta for now! :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

It's Friday!!

Happy Friday!!

Not much has happened this week but I've learned a few things.
1. At the age of 30 I can still do a back bend.
2. I can still do a cartwheel.
3. I can still twirl like no other.
4. My daughters absolutely loves "Hairspray" the movie and soundtrack.
5. My neighbors may not feel the same about Hairspray. (We were playing it outside while we were playing.)
6. The girls still Transformers and Gigi wants find a picture of Optimus Prime to use as my wallpaper on my phone.
7. I'm in love with Stephanie Meyer's books. I read Twilight in less than 24 hours.

Luckily there are no pictures of 1, 2, and 3. :)
Here are a couple of recent shots of the girls. A couple are of Gigi at the car wash and both of them at the beach.

Lastly here are a couple of the last LOs I've made. Hopefully this weekend I can create some more.

This one is for the Method Playground Challenge.

This one was just for fun!

Thanks for visiting.

Ta-ta for now!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Onward and Upward!!

My baby is going to the 2nd Grade!! Whoo hoo!! I'm so excited for her. Here's Miss Gigi before her last day of school. Doesn't she look really adorable! She's moving onward and upward to greater things and studies.

This week has been an extremely busy week between school and the starting of summer vacation. Yesterday we went to the lake again and had a blast. We were there just for a few hours and I came home sunburned. The girls just loved the sand and water. The water was warmer this time. It finally feels like summer up here. The weather reminds me of VA weather, if it's 90 here I can't imagine what like down there.

On Thursday I got to scrap with my local scrappy friends. I did our monthly challenge LO it's also dubbing as Cord Camera's MB challenge. It's a sketch from PageMaps. I added a twist to the sketch though, the title has to be a your or your child's favorite song. Ofcourse being a VA girl, I had to use Dave Matthews Band. I just love all their music, it's full of passion.

This Layout is for My Moments' Yahoo Group. It's week 5 out of 50. The subject is how do you balance your life. I like this LO because I have all the pictures "balancing" on top of each other. If you pull up the ribbons you'll see diffent pictures from my life. Each pictures represents a different aspect of my life.

I hope you all have a great weekend!!

ta-ta for now!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's a rainy day!

Today it's warm and rainy so my hubby is out buying his 10th lawnmower in 8 years. He is so rough with lawnmowers. I'm hoping this one will last awhile. I think all the men in his family have lawnmower issues. His brother just killed their lawnmower, his Dad just bought a new and they all have one thing in common: they will run over anything and everything in their mowing paths. Tony has taken out trees with his lawnmower. I shouldn't complain too much, I don't have to cut the grass. I think he's scared I will break the lawnmower.

The girls and I are having a field day with our new BIA (Bind it All). They were making notebooks and books all weekend. Last night we made my hubby a notebook and he didn't like it too much. He's a huge Ohio State fan and he didn't care for his new Michigan notebook.

The girls and I made a little notebook for my MIL as well. Her is the one with the horse on it. It turned out really cute. My skittle loving daughters love putting skittles on every project and everything we make. So my MIL notebook does have skittles in the lower corner. Sunday we took a whole bunch of clear skittles and dyed them different colors. Gigi and Lexi loves getting their fingers dirty doing art stuff. They literally had blue and purple fingers by the time we were done.

This weekend every time I sent them to bed they would come down stairs and beg to stay up late and play. Well, we would curl up on the couch and watch movies. Yes, we are still watching a lot of Transformers. Of course as soon as they hit couch they would be asleep. Tony was closing the restaurant, so when he gets home I would get up and greet him. Once I moved from the couch this is how Lexi was sleeping. I don't think it looks very comfortable but she was sleeping good.

Yesterday we enjoyed a lovely spring day. It was warm and gorgeous. We celebrated this day by playing outside. I love watching the girls use their imagination. We were explorers running through the yard running from hippos, penguins, and the British. They were also drawing on the driveway with their chalk. They were just enjoying every second of being outside.

Lastly I'm leaving you all with some new LOs. I made these this weekend. I hope you enjoy them. The first one is just the girls doing art stuff. The second for My Moments group, this was week 4's LO.

This Saturday is the All Moments Remembered online crop please check it out, you must register for the MB before hand. The crops are always a lot of fun and full of great challenges and prizes.
Have a great day!!
Ta-ta for now!