Saturday, January 12, 2008

It's Alive!!

We had a fun day! The girls and I went shopping and got a few things for different projects I'm working on. Plus, Gigi had to have rub ons. My little girls take after their Momma. *glowing* While at Joann's today I found, $1.00 AL journaling stamps. I was so excited because I have been wanting them for awhile. I got a set for Bekah too!! Also, during our shopping trip we stopped at Big Lots and found the coolest kit. It is a Heidi Grace/ Fiskars kit starter scrapbook kit. I got one for each of my girls. Inside it contained deco scissors, a heart hole punch, pen, pattern paper, cardstock, rub ons, stickers and a nice carrying case. All this was for $5.oo. My daughters had their own scrapbook frenzy when they got home. I'm thinking I might have to go get me one now. I love the paper and the case. LOL
Also, today I got a care package from my Best Bud! She sent me some transparencies, overlay, vellum and cute girly stickers. I can't wait to play with all my new stuff. I probably will tonight once I get off the computer.
I did do one layout so far today, which leads to a funny story. This afternoon I did a halloween layout from 2006. On it I used bat ribbons. It's pretty cute. About an hour after I finished the layout, Gigi and Lexi started screaming because there was a bird in the house. I looked up at it and it was a bat flying around my living room. It scared the poo out of us. I called Tony to tell him to come home b/c there was a bat somewhere in the house and he's like a what. So he gets home from work and immediately started searching for the bat. He didn't see it, so about 5 minutes later here comes the bat. Tony chases it upstairs and catches it in the girl's room. Meanwhile Lexi kept telling me she had to go protect her Daddy, because she's Daddy's girl.
He trapped it in one of my cooking pots and brought it downstairs. Now, Lexi is in LOVE with the bat, whom she named "flappy". Tony and Lexi took flappy outside to set him free so he can be with his bat family. All night long Lexi has told me how much she misses "flappy". She wanted him to live in her doll house. Can't you all see me with a pet bat???? (I don't think so)
I told Tony the weird thing was I just finished that halloween layout, he replies in a smart ass way..."Honey your layout was so life like it came ALIVE" All I could do was laugh. There is never a dull moment here!!
Have a scrappy Saturday and Sunday!
Elizabeth :)


  1. HAHA! Flappy Pirone! Now THAT sounds Italian. :D

    Glad you got your package. The sheets that I wrote vellum on are adhesive for vellum... and the other set is for photos, paper, etc. That vellum adhesive turns vellum into a big sticker and you can't see the adhesive when you put it down. It's really great stuff!!

    Hooray for a successful scrapbook shopping trip. I'm jealous!


  2. PS: that vellum adhesive is awesome on transparencies, too! LOL!

  3. Glad you had fun shopping...isn't it the best! LOL! BTW: You've been tagged...check my blog for details! (saints511 ckmb)