Friday, December 7, 2007


I'm so excited in about 3 hours I will have my husband home from Orlando. He's in the airport right now wait to board the plane. Since he's been gone it has snowed and snowed and snowed some more. I'm a southern girl...I don't do snow. This week without him was been hard but I feel like a stronger person because I survived.

While Tony was gone I did 11 LayOuts. I'm so proud of myself, I even went out of my comfort zone by using busy patterns. I've scrap random pictures. I did one of snow and one of my scrap stuff on the table. It's been fun. I've used alot of stuff that I already have. I do love my new heat gun. I've embossed alot of stuff since I got it. I hope the Mr. Mojo stays even with Tony being home.

I'm living close to my husband's family. I love them but I haven't met them all yet. But on Dec 23rd, I'm going to the family Christmans Party without Tony (he's working) I drew a name of a person I've never met. I did hear she likes to gamble and the Lottery. So I'm thinking a cute Lottery Gift Basket with Lucky things in it. If you have any Ideas that would be fabulous. Thanks!!

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  1. 11 layouts?! You rock. It takes me about 1 year to do 11 layouts. In fact one of my resolutions for 2008 is to do 4 layouts a month. It seems that all I do now are client layouts (shame on me). Love your blog, TFS. Shere