Saturday, December 22, 2007

The countdown has begun!

It hard to believe we are down to 3 days before christmas. I really hope everyone is done with all their Christmas shopping. I'm offically done today! My husband has only one thing to pick up. Yey me, I get to with him to Lowes on Christmas Eve. He's such a guy. He wants to get his parents a mail box for Christmas. They are his parents...I didn't know what to get them. Oh well. Just wish us luck shopping on Xmas Eve. We are also going to see National Treasure 2 on Monday too. It's an early present for the girls. They loved the first one. I can't wait to take them. *I really want to see it too*

The girls and I have had lots of Yummy Fun aka Cookie making. We made sugar cookies on Thursday. LOL, By friday night there was one half eaten cookie left. Lexi said that's daddy's cookie. I think it was nice of her to save him the last bite. Within less than 24 hours my husband and girls ate all the sugar cookies. So friday night we made chocolate cookies. We still have some left, by tomorrow afternoon they all will be gone.

I've also been working on some presents too. I mentioned earlier about the family drawing. I made a cute lottery/luck basket. I changed a snowflake basket to a shamrock basket, by using my cricute. Of course Bekah told me how to make the shamrocks. It was 3 hearts put together. I used very cute brads to hold them together in the middle. Bo Bunny made the green brads. I absolutely love them. The basket has a kit to "grow your own luck", small pine tree, and 10 lottery tickets. Let's wish her luck!!!

I've also been making tags after I put the pumpkins to bed. I put the iPod on shuffle and I get to work. I've made some cute tags. I'm no where near Tim Holtz, but I'm having fun with my heat gun. I love embossing with glitter. It makes everything so sparkley, including my dinning room table. Well that's all for now.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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