Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Surviving the season!!!

It's 6 days to christmas! I only have a few things left to purchase. I need to wrap everything. There is just a lot left to do. Hopefully I will finish everything in plenty of time.

We were kind of snowed in this weekend plus we had my family come visit. My husband and I were shocked by the fact my family drove to Ohio to see us. They came, they visited, and they left a few days later. It is draining emotionally for me to deal with my mother, so I find things to do to keep me busy. I did the basic household stuff: laundry, cooking, cleaning. I also found time to scrap. I did a couple of cute layouts.

Like I mentioned before it snowed and iced all day Saturday and Sunday. The snow just kept falling from the sky. So we didn't go anywhere. My family had to come here to see us. I don't drive in snow unless I have to. Well to my surprise Gigi didn't have school on monday. She ran into our bedroom so upset because she thought she was late for school. We told her school was close due to the weather. She got soooo upset because it was ornament day. Tony was suppose to go to her class and make a Christmas Tree ornament with her. So we decide to do some crafty fun. We made our own christmas ornament from home made play dough. The girls had a blast cutting out shapes and then painting them. We made about 20 of them. We got to keep like 4 of them. My mother who was visiting took the rest. LOL

Tonight I feel sort of crafty. I think I will play in my scrap stuff. I will make some tags and maybe finish my goals of 2008 layout. Have a great day!!!!

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