Saturday, July 18, 2009

Long Week

We've had a long week!!
Tuesday the girls started Cheerleading practices. Practices run from Monday through Thursday (they added a Monday practice to the schedule...yey me). There are 57 little cheerleaders on my daughters' squad. It's fun trying to watch them coach so many girls. All the cheers are coming back to me from last year. I catch myself saying them...."lets get fired up".

On Wednesday we were at a play date and Gigi fell down and broke her arm. We didn't realize it was broke until Thursday. We took her to the ER and the x-rays showed a crack in her humorous, right underneath her shoulder. It never swelled nor did it bruise.

With this break, they didn't give her a cast. But we have to treat her as if she had a cast. She can't run, jump, swim, or really play. We have to keep her arm immobile. She also has to learn how to do everything with her left hand. So the first night we all ate with our less dominate hand, so she would feel better. Also after dinner we had a hands free jello eating contest. (Tony won... imagine that)

The Doctor said she can't cheer-lead until September. She a little upset about this. I think she can do it with out jumping. She'll just be a one armed cheerleader. One thing she is happy about is that she can play on the computer a lot more.

Today we went on the 2nd Annual Worldwide Photo Walk for our region. Luckily CJ came with us. Our poor region had 3 participants. We walked around a local park and took some pictures. I need to edit them and upload them to a site. We took pictures of flowers, kids and ourselves. We found really good mirrors for self portraits ( I should have redone my make up before I went).

Here's the only LO I've made this week. It's of Lexi practicing her new cheers. She's now a little wildcat. She's so excited about cheerleading and she's so cute doing it too. I did it for 52 sketches.

Well I hope your week was more relaxed than ours. We have plans all the way until next Friday. Starting with a car wash tomorrow.
Take Care!!

Love and Hugs!


  1. Poor Gigi, I hope she is no longer in pain and I really hope that these next few weeks go by super duper fast so that she can cheer in September. are such a good mama to have thought of having everyone eat with theie left hand. Wishing you a week filled with sun and warmth!

  2. Awwww, I think we should *embellish* the sling:)

  3. Wow! You've had a busy week. Poor Gigi and her broken arm! I bet she's real bummed about not being able to cheer for a while, but she definitely needs the time to heal. I think you look so adorable in your self-portrait!

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments you leave on my blog, especially those about Isabel. Knowing you care really means a lot to me.