Monday, September 29, 2008

It's a new week!!

This weekend...we just hung out around here. There wasn't any thing set in stone. I love weekends like this that just flow naturally.

Saturday...Tony and Gigi had a date. They spend the afternoon together doing Daddy Daughter things. They went to see Kunfu Panda and played Putt Putt. While they played together...I took Lexi out for lunch and ice cream. My Lexi can eat ice cream like no other. :) She loved her giant scoop of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. She ate every last morsel. We we came home...we got to play and relax.

Sunday It was Parent's Day for the Little Wildcats! This was the first game Tony was able to attend. The poor thing got to experience cheer parenting first hand. Ugh..I'm just glad there are only 2 games left, but at the same time I'm sad because Gillian really loves it. Next year both girls will be cheering.

Don't she look miserable. It was so cold and chilly.

Through out the weekend I even got to scrap!!

I love these pictures of Lexi...because she had a blast playing with her Rock Buddies. This is what she looked like everyday after cheer practice. She would have a Slushy and play in the dirt. Isn't she cute???

I hope everyone has a great week!!
Love and Hugs!!



  1. I dont blame you one bit. You are the mom that has to deal with a sick child. I can remember having to cheer in the rain and the cold and them not letting us wear our jackets. ughh my mom woudl get sooooooooooo mad.
    I stayed sick too
    love her blue face after having the icee hahaha
    too cute love the layouts

  2. I cannot believe they wouldn't let her wear a turtleneck? Crazy! beautiful layouts!

  3. I tagged you and gave you a blog award on my blog!