Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Crafting Tornado

It's been an interest few days. Well Sunday what was left over of Ike hit Ohio (I really thought moving to Ohio meant I didn't have to worry about hurricanes any more). We had a major wind storm, gust up to 60 mph. We got lucky and never lost power or cable but we did have some wind damage. We lost a few branches and limbs. Across the street a tree toppled over and down the road a tree fell a car. Tony and I had flash backs to Hurricane Isabelle which was about 5 years ago and we lived in VA.
Here's some photos of the damage:

Here's some pictures of my little helpers. We put them to work, because Gigi didn't have school and they were home. Precious Gigi didn't want to pick up sticks and asked for an easier job. Lexi just wanted to make pompoms out of helicopters. They kept asking last night if Ike was coming back tonight.

After operation clean-up we decided to try a new crafty technique. We watched a video on chalking and decided to bust it out. The girl pulled out the Halloween box of supplies and I got my chalk out and we went to town. They decided they wanted to make Halloween cards.


Bekah...recognize that leaf??

Here's the damage I had to clean up after the crafting tornado hit out home.
Just be warned....this drove me nuts. I can't work in clutter because I feel overwhelmed and stressed!

Just to let you know...it's all cleaned up now...it was actually cleaned up 20 minutes later. Hopefully I can get some more scrappy stuff done today.

I hope you all have a fabulous day!!

ta-ta for now!!


  1. I like your pumpkin card! Sorry you had such bad weather. I totally understand!

  2. Love those cards, did you use stensils?
    As for that IKE, we are SO blessed that it did not his us in S. Florida, I still have flashback of Wilma that left us without power for 2 weeks. I feel SO bad for the people of Texas and Louisiana. By the way, part of the fun of crafting with kids is the cleaning up part... Yeah right, just kidding.

  3. Yikes! Hurricans scare me even though I've never been in one. I'd take an earthquake over a hurrican any day, but I bet you'd say the exact opposite! I'm glad you didn't lose power or have any major damage.

    The cards you and the girls made are FABULOUS!! The girls are really turning into talented young scrappers :)