Thursday, April 3, 2008

Beaver Creek

Wow Yesterday was such a great day!! It was the first real nice day of the year and my hubby who had a little cabin fever had a great idea. He decided to have a picnic on Beaver Creek. We picked up some fried chicken and ate next to the creek. Of course by dinner time it was cold again. We were all the little chilly but it was so worth the view and family fun! The girls were picking up fresh water clam shells. We all walked along the sand and walked through the mill, it just a gorgeous beautiful place. I feel so grateful to be there with my family at such a beautiful place.

The girls both finally got their camera yesterday so the park was a great place for them to take pictures. Lexi took quite a few, Gigi rather use the video feature and pretend to be iCarly. She having her own webshow.
Today Lexi finally got her Easter present, she is loving her Hello Kitty Radio! Tonight she going to listen to Hannah Montana tonight while she sleeps tonight. She feels like such a big girl!
Here's one LO I've done this week. 7 facts about me! Hopefully I can post more tomorrow!! Or atleast post a more organized mess. I'm trying to reorganize tonight!
ta-ta for now!!

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