Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bad Me!!

It's been a week since I've updated. OOPS!!

Let's see not much is going on here in my little world. The girls and I have been playing hard. Classes started again yesterday and spring has finally hit Ohio. Yesterday was gorgeous, I mean I didn't need to wear a jacket. I loved every second of it. Today we are going to have a high of 70. WHOO HOO!!

I did do alot of scrapping this weekend. The AMR had it's monthly crop. The girls and I had a blast scrapping. Gigi loves challenges. Stacey is sending her a treat because she's doing so well. :) I won a RAK for Heather's challenge. It was all journaling only no pictures.

Here's a link to all my layouts Lately: You can just scroll through them. I did 8 LOs this weekend. My Gallery

Sunday I took the girls to a "baby shower" for all the spring animals being born. They had a blast looking at 2 day old goats, ducklings and calves. Lexi's favorite was the horse and Gigi's was the goats, ducklings, llama and cows.

Have a fabulous Tuesday!!
Ta-ta for now!!


  1. Love your blog and family! I enjoyed getting to know you better!

  2. love the los...Lexi sounds like me, I can never have just one favorite...lol. Glad you had fun at the crop. I think it is so wonderful that you and your girls get into it together.

  3. How cute are those baby animals? Enjoyed your pictures.