Sunday, April 13, 2008

The weekend is almost over!!

This weekend is coming to an end. It's been a fun we are down to basic chores: laundry, dishes, cleaning...blah blah blah.

To recap the weekend. Friday night the girls and I just chilled and relaxed. We ate food and played. After they went to bed, I scrapped while I waited for Tony to get home from work. I made a couple LOs. The first one here is for the OLW Challenge. This weeks word was "Best". I made this LO of Tony and I before we went to the MCV's Winter Ball in 1999. It one of my favorite pictures of us.

This next LO I did for a different challenge. I saw it on the Dares but I'm not posting it there. It was do a LO about a colors, or your hair scarf. The funny thing is that I've been wearing my hair scarf a lot lately and thought why not do it. I'm just not brave enough to post it over there yet. :)

Saturday I went to a meet up crop. We had a blast there. The girls came with me, because it was very kid friendly. We are all mothers and all of us brought our kids. The children got to play while we all chatted and scrapped. Honestly we did more chatting than scrapping. I did 3 LO in 9 hours, granted we did eat dinner in between. The other people there were fabulous and entertaining. The girls and I didn't get home until about midnight. Hopefully this is something we can do on a monthly basis. The following LOs were the ones I did there.

I hope you all have a fabulous week!!!
ta-ta for now!!


  1. Great layouts! Love your take on the wrod "best"!


  2. Beautiful LOs!!! You did a wonderful job!!

    You should enter the LO challenge of your hair scarf, I think it came out great!!!

    Have a wonderful day!!! :)

  3. HEY! I love your LO's! I really like the jump jump one! I love pink! Sounds like you gals had a blast!!

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