Saturday, February 23, 2008

Happy Weekend!

It's been a great week eventhough it snowed. The girls and I have been hanging around the house. Thursday I went to my weekly morning crop. I started a few LO that I finished last night. I do the titles at home because I don't take the cricut anywhere. She my home toy. My 6 year asked me when I was buying her one. She wants her own, she doesn't share very well. I told her maybe when she 20. She then told me she'll be an adult and won't be home then. It kind of broke my heart. I can't imagine her or her sissy not being home with me. After the crop, I picked up Gigi from school. We went to the OG to see Tony, then off to Cord Camera. I wanted to see what kind of stuff they had. I didn't buy much because I'm eagerly awaiting my March kit from the THE AMR .

Today I caught up on all my school work. I did homework and quizzes. I caught up on all the MBs. I've joined a local mom's group out here. I've learned about this group from my scrap group. I'm excited about having other kids for my girls to play with. This moms group contains a bunch of spunky spirited moms. I'm looking forward to future play dates.

Here's are some new LOs. I love the Williamsburg LO just because I love Williamburg and the history it contains. When I see that photo it give me a sense of what life was like during the Colonial days.

This next LO is of Gigi on the last day of school. They had a Hawiian themed party. I think she looked adorable. Yes, I'm a proud Momma!!

This LO is of Easter last year.

Lastly I want to show you Gigi's art studio. She put alot of work into creating her own scrap space in her room. She's very proud of it as I am of her. :) Yep, I'm proud again. Well, I'm always proud of my girls. :)

That's all for now!


  1. Tell Gigi I love her studio! She did a great job finding a place for everything.

    Great layouts Elizabeth! My DH and I honeymooned in Col.Wlmsbrg the week after Christmas. We even stayed in one of the historic old houses! Lots of great memories

  2. Col Williamsburg is one of my favorite places! Love Gigi's studio! She did a great job! I really loved all your LO's too!

  3. OHHH the day they move out is a tough one on us moms!!! I have two that have moved out. Thank goodness I have my two little ones still or it might have killed me. I can't even think about the day they move. Your layouts are all beautiful!!

    I think Gigi and my Katie would be good friends!!

  4. I love the studi...just so adorable...and how great that she is into it with you. that is awesome. Love the los too. I like the swoosh you have on that one, did you do it with your cricut? Glad your weekend is going good.

  5. I hope you had a great weekend!! Your LOs are fabulous :) The good thing about icky weather is that you can stay inside and create, rigth?? (That's me attempting to look on the bright side of things!!)