Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Presidents Day!!

Happy Monday everyone!!

I just wanted to check in, I haven't update recently. Not much as been going on here in lovely cold Ohio. I've mostly been trying to keep my girls entertained. We have had a lot of snow recently so we haven't gone any where or done anything too fun. The only day Gigi had school last week was Thursday. She got to go to her Valentine's day party. She had a blast plus she got alot of valentines cards. She gave out High School Musical Valentine's. They were cute plus, she picked them out herself. :)

This weekend we have managed getting their room clean. Yey!! I've done tons of laundry, dishes and vaccuuming. I started scraping last night but I haven't finished anything new yet. It's sitting on the table waiting for me, I started to finish it then, I got sidetracked tonight by Knight Rider. It wasn't great but it wasn't bad either, I lost it when "The Hoff" appeared. I will scrap tomorrow, is there a better way to celebrate our presidents than by scrapping? I might even put on the history channel in honor of them.

Here are some pictures of the girls playing Candyland. They have played every game we own. I'm running out of idea to keep them entertained. I can't wait for spring, so I can take them to the park.
This is Lexi and her boyfriend Diego. This is the only bf her daddy will allow. If Diego gets out of line, Tony will just erase him. Got to love Cartoon boyfriends!!
Here are some LOs I did earlier this week. They are already on my Flickr Gallery. But I wanted to put them here too. I love the one with the beach. It's sparkly, thanks to Stickles. I've been doing LOs about warm weather, hoping it will bring summer here sooner. ;)
Have a fabulous day!!
Beth :)


  1. Great LO's! The berry picking one is so so cute! Stay warm and remember spring is just around the corner.

  2. Happy President's Day to you, too!! Your LOs are great. Now, let's both wish real hard for sunny weather and maybe our wish will come true!!

  3. Just wanted to respond to the comment you left on my blog...I did do my shopping at Memories Galore! I used to work there, back in 00-02. LOVED it. Did you shop there much?

    Hope you're having a wonderful week!