Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another snow day!

Okay, now I'm getting used to the horrid snow. I can drive in it now, but I still don't like too. I almost go stuck in the driveway yesterday afternoon, after going to the grocery store. I didn't think I was going to be able to pull all the way in but somehow I managed.

As you can tell by looking at my blog, I changed things up a little. I made a new header and changed the background color. I want to keep things new. I think I will do more later. As I learn more about html, I will add more. I have ideas. I might even set up a website gallery too.

Today Gigi came home from school with a boy's phone number. He passed it to her in class. Tony is having a little fit. Now he wants to volunteer in the class that way he can scare all the little boys. The note is really cute it looks like the ripped it off of a folder or notebook. Just like any good mom I took pictures of it. I thinks it's so cute and funny.

Yesterday I finished a LO. It's a picture of Lexi and it's adorable. She is dirty from head to toe with chocolate pudding. I think the LO turned out fairly cute for only having one picture on it. I used ghost letter and shapes. I stapled them together and use vellum adhesive to make them stick to the paper.
Tomorrow I'm going to my weekly crop. I going to be showing the girls how to heat emboss. I've played with it, but I'm kind of nervous about teaching it. I think I will create a little project for them to do with embossing. I'm thinking I'm going to have them make bookmarks. It's simple and easy, plus it will be something they can mess up and not feel bad about it. Wish me luck! I'll try to update tomorrow afternoon once I get home from my crop.
Ta-Ta for now!


  1. LOL...I can see it in the headlines now.... Father Arrested for Terrozing the Boys in School....NEWS AT 11:00." My dh did that a long time funny, love the lo very cute, and the pic of the note is priceless. You know you will have to scrap that at some point.

  2. Snow should clear up and soon I hope...Was just snowing again...brrrrrrrrrr...staying in side if possible over here, hope you are too...nice new look on the blog...where's the picture of Lexi after getting squeeky clean???

  3. Too cute. I love the notes I find in my classroom!!

    Have fun heat embossing. I've done it once, but couldn't even begin to tell you how I did it!

  4. That is funny!
    You know that men must protect their little girls, because they are fully aware of other men's (or in the case little boys) intentions. Right?

  5. I'm sorry to hear that it's still snowing where you are. Today is the first day it's rained here in over a week, and it's pouring outside. Oh well.

    I love the LO, and the new look of your blog. It's very fun and fresh!!