Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cabin Fever!

I'm ready to create a petition to start spring and summer now! Who's with me??? It's snowing here like crazy. Yesterday school were cold because it was too cold. Like I've stated before I'm a southern this is all news to me. When we moved I was under the impression school never closed here. Boy was I wrong! Gigi has had a great week, plus there is no school on Friday and next Monday. She's on a mini vacation.

All this crazy weather has kept us inside. So I'm going a little nutty. I can't watch anymore Disney channel. We have played, read, and done just about everything. They are getting cabin fever just like me. We can't go outside because it's too cold, plus they don't want to play in the snow. Tony gets to escape to work!

Here are some pictures I just took from my back door. :)

I just unpacked all of our photo albums from the move here. Now I can start scrapping pictures from the beginning. I even found disks I made mom that had old pictures on them. I found this great picture of Grandma and just wanted to scrap it. Looking at that picture of Grandma she seemed happy and full of life. I just wish I knew her better. Now I want to do other pictures of my family. I just need to get Mom to send me some or my Aunt to send me some. :)

I did get quite scrappy last weekend! I did 5 LOs and 2 cards. Luckily I have a hobby that I can do from home. This does help the cabin fever some. :)

I might go get scrappy now. Art stuff does keep the girls busy. :)
Have a fabulous day and night!
Elizabeth :)


  1. I am so with you, girl! I've had cabin fever for a while now, but it's not snowing over here. We've just had a lot of wind, and I don't like to go out in that type of weather. I think I need to get out tomorrow. I don't know where to, but I have to get out of the house!

    I love your LOs! I'm glad you were scrappy last weekend. I'm taking a break after that massive amount of cards I made. I'm tired!!

  2. Cabin fever here too!!! We are supposed to get more tonight. YUCK!!

    Great LO's! Love them ;)

  3. I'm with you on the cabin fever. Can hardly wait for spring, summer, camping, flea markets, garage sales, and even hot and humid...This cold, drab, dreary, sunless, raining, sleety, snowy weather is depressing...