Friday, June 13, 2008

It's Friday!!

Happy Friday!!

Not much has happened this week but I've learned a few things.
1. At the age of 30 I can still do a back bend.
2. I can still do a cartwheel.
3. I can still twirl like no other.
4. My daughters absolutely loves "Hairspray" the movie and soundtrack.
5. My neighbors may not feel the same about Hairspray. (We were playing it outside while we were playing.)
6. The girls still Transformers and Gigi wants find a picture of Optimus Prime to use as my wallpaper on my phone.
7. I'm in love with Stephanie Meyer's books. I read Twilight in less than 24 hours.

Luckily there are no pictures of 1, 2, and 3. :)
Here are a couple of recent shots of the girls. A couple are of Gigi at the car wash and both of them at the beach.

Lastly here are a couple of the last LOs I've made. Hopefully this weekend I can create some more.

This one is for the Method Playground Challenge.

This one was just for fun!

Thanks for visiting.

Ta-ta for now!


  1. My supervisor is 33, she told me she did a cartwheel, last weekend! lol.
    Love the ice cream pics!

  2. Loved the things that you still can do :) Cute pictures of the girls. Y'all must have lots of fun in the summer!

  3. great layouts & pictures!...your girls are growing so fast!!!...
    ;) angie (craftyscrapr)

  4. LOL I'm going to be 49 and I don't even want to attempt any of those.... Love your LO's.. Yummy on the ice cream.... Something else I can't do... LOL

    (Pattie's passion)

    I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!!!

  5. Great LO's!!! :)

    I'm 33 and not sure if I could do 1,2,3 anymore LOL!!!! I'll have to give it a try LOL (after my fence goes up LOL)!!!!

  6. Cute LO's!

    I read Twilight about a month ago and also loved it. Just picked up the second book at the library today :)

  7. I can't do a cartwheel or a backbend anymore. :( I've always been a turbo klutz anyway. cute layouts!

  8. The layouts are darling, and love the pictures, can't wait to see them scrapped as well!
    Congrats on the things you can still do at 30 and I think you should have pics, LOL!