Friday, June 27, 2008

Fun times

Yesterday Tony was off and he can't sit still when he's home from work. We started out at McD's where we gave the girls options. Either mini golf or the zoo. They picked the Zoo of course. We drove to Akron and had a great time at the zoo. Gigi liked all the animals. Lexi's favorite was the deer. We are going again real soon. Next time I'm going to take my nieces.

Here's Tony being silly at McD's. This is the Riley Poole (from National Treasure) pose. He was trying to be serious after I was trying to catch him playing with all the KungFu Panda toys.

The girls being Penguins. Lexi had to wear her sunglasses.

Here's a cute Lemur.

Here's the family. Aren't they cute??

Tony actually volunteered to take a's the proof. LOL

Beautiful Graceful Jelly fish!

Here's some Flamingos for you flamingo lovers. :)

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Well that's all for today. I'll add some scrappiness soon. :)

Ta-ta for now!


  1. Great pictures from the zoo. I love going to zoos!

  2. Thanks for leaving a post on my blog. I love yours. You take beautiful photos.