Saturday, March 8, 2008


I've been really bad about update my little blog here lately. I'm almost done with this quarter of of school. Next week my final project due, I thought it was due this week.....oops! Well it's mostly done now. I just need to add an external style sheet to it and it's pretty much done. So mostly this week I've had my nose in HTML/JavaScript. I've also setup my own webpage. It's new and underconstruction but I have it up and running. You can stop by and look at it if you want. Here's the site: My Scrappy World

This week I haven't done too much scrappy goodness because of school. I did get a couple LOs done. I'm not loving them but they are completed. I started these at my weeky gathering. I finished them here at home.
Oh BTW I love my cart. I think it's going to be helpful here at home too. I'm not going to unpack it. I will be working out of it tomorrow for online crop at the The AMR. It's the monthly crop to unveil the monthly kit and a new DT member. I hope to see you all there. Gigi and Lexi is looking forward to cropping. Gigi even sketched a LO in her diary tonight.
Well it's a good thing we have this crop tomorrow because we are in a middle of another snow storm. It's march, so can some one tell Winter to go home and let Spring stay awhile. :)
Have a great night!!
Ta-Ta for now!!


  1. Good luck with your project and thanks so much for the new blinkie! I can't wait for this 2 feet of snow to melt!

  2. Your LOs look great!! I was a bit bummed I couldn't make it to the AMR on-line crop. Maybe next time.

    I also wanted to thank you for leaving such kind words on my blog about the passing of my little dog, Noel. It really meant a lot to me.