Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dark Shadows!

I don't know if you remember watching dark shadows as a child? I do, some were in black and white...then they found color! If course they were all reruns on the SyFy channel. With the new release of the Dark Shadows movie, I accidentally found a book written by Laura Parker. So I did some research and there is a couple books!
I just finished Angelique's Descent last night!

It did have a slow start talking about Barnabas new life, but it gets a lot better once he finds Angelique's Journal! It was just great seeing everything from her perspective and how Barnabas and her life constantly intersect. I felt bad for her and near the end I felt bad for him!

I don't like spoiling things for other people, but I will tell you I'm going to read the next one!

I'm turning into a book worm!

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