Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Mail!!

Wow did I get some Happy Mail Saturday. My blogger friend in Florida since me such a great package. I can't wait to use those stamps. I'm just love that frog stamp. (I think frogs, should be the next trend) She also made a cute card with Sassafrass Lass Paper. Thanks MaryAngella!!

We finally got the tree up this weekend. We put it up Saturday and now my house feels all Christmassy. All I need to do now is watch White Christmas then I'll be completely ready for Christmas except for the Christmas Shopping, presents and wrapping.

Gigi put the first ornament on the tree and Lexi did the last one. Lexi's out consist of Halloween Shirt and Valentine's PJ Pants. I think she's so cute with her own since of style.

I also did get scrappy this weekend too!! I got a few cards and LO done.

Well I gotta run and make Lexi some Lunch!!
Love and Hugs!!


  1. fun!!!!!!! Love the pics...cute cards too.

  2. So glad you liked your happy mail and you are so so welcome. I can not wait to see what you make with those stamps. Have a great week.

  3. Make sure to go check out the Glitz blog!!! :)

    Love the LO and cards!!! :)

    My favorite part of Christmas doing the tree with the kids. Have a Merry Christmas!!! :)


  4. Happy mail is always good. Just blog browsing today. And hey Florida friend come join our forum

    Thanks for making our site fun Elizabeth!

  5. Yay! Scrappy mail is always a good thing :) I'm glad you were able to get scrappy and make a LO and some cards this weekend. They look great!