Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Indian Summer.....

is officially over!! I know you all are sad too. Except those that live in Sunny Florida!! :)

With the ending of Indian Summer...comes the beginning of Winter. Even though the calender says it's not Winter, we all know it really is!!! Here's some signs I use to recognize the beginning of this very cold season.

1. The temperature (brrrrr)
2. The smell of wood stoves burning
3. You break out the Hot Chocolate (with lots of marshmallows)
4. You bust out all the thick sweaters and turtlenecks
5. You pack away your precious flip flops...for fear of frost bite
6. The sky turns gray...and the sun doesn't shine as much
7. You take off your toes fear of losing them in your house socks.
8. You think about making chili (when hubby's not home)
9. You start seeing snow flakes in you local forecast
10. Lastly, you actually start seeing snow!!!!

This time of year we start staying inside a lot because there aren't as many fun activities to do. I'm fine with that because we will spend some great quality time together.

I made this LO for the Online crop at NoelMignon. You should stop by and check it out!! They have lots of fun challenges as well as fun games.

Also, there is a new site up called Never Been Kissed Scrappers. It's cute, fun, and should sign up there and tell them..I sent you. ;)

Love and Hugs!!


  1. That pic is gorgeous. I love your lo too! Thanks so much for plugging us at Never Been Kissed. Come on and join up with us ladies. It's fun!
    View our blog:

    Oh and Elizabeth I made chili this morning in fact, it's cold and rainy today! Brrr...

  2. Oh! How the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence ;) What I would do to have your weather right about now. I can NOT wait for any cold front to come my way, please feel free to send one LOL. I love the picture of the house with all those trees, send some of that too :D Anyhow, cool layout, I have to fo check out never been kissed scrappers and see whats going on there. Have a great week, well... waht is left of it.