Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Saturday!!

Happy Saturday!!

Last night I took the Girls on their first ever Ghost Walk!! It was the coolest walk through the local area, where different *spirits* would tell their stories of murder and mayhem. We heard some very interesting stories as well as saw some great home and historic sites. The Girls did not get scared or startled once. The worst part was it rained the whole time. I didn't get any pictures at the event but I did get some cute ones before we left the house. These pictures are going to be so fun to scrap.

Here's some of my scrappiness of the week.

Once last thing...we celebrated another year of my husband's life on Thursday!! Happy Birthday Sweetie!! He's officially turned 39, but tells everyone he's 29.

I hope everyone has a fabulous fall day. If it stops raining soon, we are going on a hayride!!
Love and Hugs!!

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