Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2 weeks left!!

In 2 weeks Gigi will be back in school. I can't believe how fast this summer went. It's seems like yesterday she just got out on break. This week we went and bought her new school supplies. I love suppy shopping. There is something about new notebooks and pencils. We also went clothes shopping too. She at that age where I let her pick out her own clothes. I realized she's such a unique girl, she girly with an edge. I love that she has her own sense of style.

Also, this week we are celebrating her 7th birthday. Well her party is this week the actual birthday is next week. She's having a High School Musical Party. For fun, we are doing HSM sing along. Now I know everybody will love that. LOL Don't you all wanna sing "Bop Bop Bop to the Top"?

This weekend some of friends convinced me to go to a 12 hour crop. I was going to cancel and go to Va and then that fell through. Then I was going to still cancel but I was told to go and get good stories. It was fun to have a night away from everyone. I got to play with other adults and be silly. At the crop I made 5 LOs. They are in my Flickr gallery. Some are really cute. :)
Here we are being goofy. Let me tell you I was lucky to get 5 LOs done!!

Well now on to new LOs. After the crop I had some pretty good MoJo!

I love this LO of Lexi!! I rarely love my work but I adore this one!

This LO I did for this weeks 52Sketches blog. This sketch just spoke to me and I like how it turned out. Check out her blog!

I've got a couple more challenges to do today. Hopefully I'll be back to post them soon!
ta-ta for now!!


  1. Love that first layout, so so cute!

  2. great layouts!!!...so cool that you had a scrappy girls night out!...school starts here in 2 wks, summer has flown by!...it is the 1st yr for uniforms here, urghhhh...

  3. I a so glad you went to the crop. Sometimes we just need to get away and be goofy! Love your LO's too! We still need to get together!

  4. Cute LOs. I can't believe how fast this summer went by!

  5. I have nominated you for a blog award. Go to my blog to find out more details!