Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kites & More

All I can say is it's been a wonderful day. It has hit 80 degrees here in N-E Ohio!! Today I went to a kite festival with the girls and friends. We had a wonderful time. There were kites and a life size Candy Land Game. Gigi won the candyland game (whoo hoo).

Isn't this just the coolest kite ever?? It looks like a monster attacking a playground.

Here's CJ and all the kids.

Lexi with CJ's kite

Gigi with a kite.

After the kite festival because it was so warm..we didn't want to go home. We decided to head to Volant which is Amish country. It's so beautiful there and I just adore the Amish. I tried to respect their beliefs but I accidentally took a picture of a little Amish boy. I didn't notice it until I started editing the photos. He was in the shadows. (oops). Once we went inside this mill we saw the same little boy chugging on a Mt. Dew. It really amused me to see that. He was drinking Mt. Dew while staring at my girls like they were crazy.

Here's a couple pics of the girls while we were at Volant.

Here's the only thing I bought while we were there:

isn't it cute?? I'm going to use it to shake powdered sugar on whatever I make. I have scrapped a little this week.
This one I did using an inspired blueprint sketch. They have fabulous sketches...check them out. I might try to do another one tonight. :)

This one I just did for fun!! I just followed my mojo!

Thanks for sitting through all this!!
Have a fabulous weekend!!

Love and Hugs!!


  1. Love your kite pretty!

  2. Sweet, you know which one I'd like a full size copy of:)

    Awesome scrappiness too.

  3. "monster attacking a playground."

    Very descriptive! Being kite-crazy myself, I never get sick of taking a quick look at other people's kite photos. Going to a kite festival is a great idea for a day out isn't it... Check out the link to the Adelaide event, where we have posted a bunch of photos. There's even more under 'Adelaide Events' in the side-bar.